Can You Bring Hiking Sticks On the Plane? Pack Properly!

Are you planning that huge hike in different states or countries? Then you probably considered bringing your hiking stick with you for more stability and safety. However, traveling with a long hiking stick can be a bit difficult, considering how tight airport security can be.

You wouldn’t want to lose your hiking stick, so it’s best you know whether or not you can bring these to your next flight! So can you bring hiking sticks on the plane or not? Read on to find out!

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Can You Bring Hiking Sticks On the Plane?

bring hiking sticks on the plane

When bringing prohibited items through airport security, there is a huge chance it will be confiscated and thrown away. This includes certain hiking equipment. Some gear can be placed on your carry-on or check-in, which others should stay at home.

What if it’s your hiking stick?

You are NOT allowed to carry your hiking sticks or trekking poles to a plane if they are only used for hiking.

However, you CAN bring a folding hiking pole to the plane so long as you can break it down and if it fits inside your carry-on luggage. You can bring a hiking stick or walking cane only if it’s required for assistance and mobility, though it will still need to fit the airline size limits for carry-on.

There may be exceptions to this rule though, depending on your country and the airport. The final decision also rests with the TSA officer in charge.

This is because small and rural airports may allow some items like oddly-shaped gear, as they are used to people traveling with it for vacationing. More urban airports may not do the same thing.

That’s why it’s better to either use a foldable hiking stick or leave it at home and purchase one when you get to your destination. Or if possible, place the hiking stick in your check-in luggage to avoid any problems.

Another option is to talk with the TSA officials at your local airport before your flight. You may call or email them for prompt replies, or explain to them kindly once you go through security checkpoints. Be sure to talk with them kindly, as this can help your chances of bringing your hiking pole in!

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Are you still wondering about what other hiking equipment you can (or can’t) bring on a plane? Check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

Hiking is an awesome activity but will require a lot of equipment when doing it seriously. Because of that, you need to be wary about what you can and can’t bring on a plane to prevent any issues. When it comes to hiking sticks, you MAY bring it on a plane, provided that you explained what it is and dismantle it to place in your pack.

I hope that this article answered the question, “can you bring hiking sticks on the plane?” Now that you know the answer, do follow proper airport rules according to your area.

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