5 common shooting mistakes

5 Common Shooting Mistakes

Perfect shooting is a product of consistency and experience. You cannot become a sharpshooter or long-range hunting guru without first going through a mistake-ridden...
3-Gun Competition Guide

3-Gun Competition Guide – Tips on How to Get Started & Win!

Have you ever heard of 3 gun? Better yet, do you want to win at a game of 3 gun? If you have never heard...
detailed review of the atn x sight 4k

Detailed Review of The ATN X Sight 4K

ATN is a San Francisco based manufacturer loved by hunters all over the world because of their top quality digital optics, including infrared and...
long-range hunting guide where to start

Long-Range Hunting Guide: Where to Start

Heading out on your first long-range hunting trip is an exciting time. Planning where you are going, identifying your target, packing your gear and...
how to improve your shooting accuracy

How to Improve Your Shooting Accuracy?

Whether you are a beginner or a professional rifle shooter, you all have been there where every shot was just out of range. The...
is thermal imaging or night vision right for me

Is Thermal Imaging or Night Vision Right For Me?

Considering the importance of seeing in the night and the multiple benefits of using thermal images, the answer is clear – yes, it is...