Concertone Rv Stereo Troubleshooting Expert Tips & Techniques

Sometimes all you need is a reliable Concertone RV stereo troubleshooting guide… And fast!

When your Concertone stereo just seems to stop working properly, it can be a major headache to deal with.

It was doing fine one time then the next day, you just can’t seem to get it to work. What gives?!

If you are frustrated with the issues you have been experiencing, don’t worry – we’ve got the answers for you. Here are common problems with the Concertone RV stereo and some troubleshooting tips to get it to work once and for all.

Concertone RV Stereo Troubleshooting Guide

The Concertone is an excellent RV entertainment system. No wonder it is every RV owner’s go-to for their audio and video system needs.

But at the same time, you may encounter some issues with it once in a while. It may simply stop turning on, the audio sounds horrible, or there are problems with the alarm.

Before you run to the nearest repair shop and spend a ton of money on repairs, a simple Concertone RV stereo troubleshooting guide may do the trick. Have a look at the following common issues with this RV entertainment system and discover the answer you’ve been looking for.

Concertone RV Stereo Won’t Turn On

concertone rv stereo won’t turn on

This is a typical concern among Concertone owners who have kept their unit for quite a long time. For instance, we have heard of some folks with a Concertone stereo in their older camper, and for some reason, it just won’t turn on.

What could be the problem here?

The initial thought would be that the fuse has an issue. After all, no matter how many times you press the stereo’s power button, there is no response happening. Sure, the red light is on but it does not help that the actual unit won’t do its job.

Do keep in mind that your Concertone relies on a 12-volt DC power. If the light is working, then there is definitely power being supplied to the unit. However, it may be that the unit is locked up. In this case, you will need to check and pull the 12-volt automotive fuse responsible for powering the unit. Then, reboot it.

Another instance is that it depends on what you are actually trying to run in your Concertone. Is it the radio, stereo, or the CD player? You may want to play around the different modes since the satellite radio and TV have their separate power supply.

It can also help to remove the panel. Afterwards, you can check each source’s 12-volt power. Pull the fuse dedicated to the radio and wait a couple of minutes before you connect the fuse once more.

No Power After Resetting The Fuse

Here is another concern that some people experience with their Concertone. The unit is unresponsive except for the power button that lights up. Other than that, the unit won’t do anything else.

After resetting the fuses and removing the battery, still no luck. If this is an issue you are experiencing, no doubt it can be very frustrating to deal with.

Hence, if this is a problem you are working with, you can simply check your owner’s manual and search for the “Factory Reset” instructions. Perhaps the series of resets done that failed to resolve the problem was done incorrectly.

Consult the manual for the steps involved to do a proper factory reset according to the manufacturer’s instruction. In some cases, you may even want to try removing the battery or removing the fuse before putting it back on to completely reset the unit. This has helped many people, and it is definitely worth a try.

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The Alarm Clock Cannot Be Disabled

For the Concertone ZXY5, which comes with MP4 support and DVD player, to name a few, there is an alarm clock that adds to the many features of this unit. Cool feature but if you cannot shut it down or change its setting, this can seriously become a nuisance.

If you want to shut the alarm off, you can try a few things:

1. Turn the unit off. However, make sure it is not disconnected from the power source or the battery.

2. Look closely at the LCD that is dimmed. You should be able to view the time, along with the label “Timer.”

3. Once you have seen the timer, press the “sleep timer” button. Then, this should disable the timer. And ultimately, it should turn the alarm clock off. Problem solved!

Other Issues And How To Fix Them

Here are a few other things that you may want to know about Concertone RV stereo troubleshooting, which may apply to your particular concerns:

1. No Power

Check and make sure whether the fuse is blown. In case of damage, replace with a suitable fuse with the appropriate value

2. Errors With The LCD

If the LCD does not function properly even after you press the button, it is possible that the antenna is not the right length. Extend the antenna or replace it in case it is broken.

Another possible reason for this issue is that the broadcasting signal may be too weak. You may drive to a different location where the signal is stronger.

Or, it could be that the antenna is not grounded correctly. Check the mounting location and make sure that the antenna is grounded well, and this should solve the problem.

3. There Is No Picture Showing

If the video is not working, yet there is audio, then the video line from the main unit to the TV is not connected properly. Make necessary adjustments to resolve the problem.

4. Disc Error Warning Appears

When you see a disc error show up, it means that the color system’s setting is incorrect. Select PAL or NTSC for the color system. The setting depends on what is connected to your TV.

Another reason why this error appears is that the disc is dirty. Use the right cleaning tools to get rid of some debris that may be causing it to malfunction.

5. No Color On The Video

If there is video but it is in black and white mode, then a simple restart of the unit should help.


When your Concertone RV stereo is working properly, this makes your life much easier. You can enjoy your favorite shows and have some entertainment while on the road.

But when things go wrong, you may simply refer to our Concertone RV stereo troubleshooting guide to help you resolve the problem. Then, you can get it back to work without having to spend so much money from a professional.

With just a few resets and by following our tips and techniques, your Concertone should be running perfectly well once more!

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