Do You Need a License to Bowfish in Minnesota? The Rules to Know

Are you planning to go bowfishing in Minnesota? While this is a great idea, you first need to prepare various gear and equipment. Besides that, you also have to see if the state requires you to own a license to bowfish.

So, do you need a license to bowfish in Minnesota? Read on to learn if you need a special fishing license and what else is there to learn about obtaining one.

Do You Need a License to Bowfish in Minnesota?

YES, you will need a license to legally fish in Minnesota, regardless of the technique you use. You are NOT allowed to use a hunting license for bowfishing, only a fishing license.

All Minnesota residents who are between 16 to 89 years old need a valid Minnesota fishing license. For non-residents, you all require a license unless you are younger than 15 years old and have a licensed parent or guardian.

Note that there are different fishing licenses, depending on what your status in the state is and how long you plan to fish in the area. Some licenses can last for only one day or up to one year, others last for a lifetime for residents, or you can avail of a non-resident license.

You will need to be aware of the different licenses issued by Minnesota before applying, so you know what license to get.

However, there are some exemptions. Those who do NOT need a fishing license are the following:

  • Residents younger than 16 or older than 90 years old.
  • Minnesota residents who are enlisted in the US Armed Forces and are stationed outside the state or at home on leave. Those who have serves in federal active service outside the United States and are now discharged from overseas duty are also exempted.
  • In-patient from the US Veterans Administration hospital or resident from a Minnesota licensed boarding or nursing care home.

Make sure that you have the appropriate documents to prove you pass any of the criteria mentioned above!

All fishing licenses will are issued by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources or the DNR. The state’s DNR has its own steps to follow so you can obtain a fishing license or permit. You will need to submit an application form, among other requirements and personal documents, then pay a license fee.

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Other Minnesota Bowfishing Regulations

Besides learning about fishing licenses, you also have to know about the bowfishing rules and regulations in Minnesota. There are specific fishing seasons and times for particular species.

Furthermore, there are limitations to the type of arrow and bows you can use, and where you can use your bowfishing equipment. Make sure that you are familiar with the bowfishing rules and regulations of Minnesota after getting your fishing license.

By staying aware of the current bowfishing rules, it prevents you from breaking the laws, which may leave you with a hefty fine or risk losing your license.

Do you want to learn more about bowfishing in Minnesota? Check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

Before you head out with your bow and arrow for a great bowfishing session, hold up! There are a few things you need to run by with your state’s local DNR to avoid breaking the law. One of the important things to make sure you have is the fishing license, which is necessary for Minnesota.

I hope that this article answers your question, “do you need a license to bowfish in Minnesota?” Now that you are familiar with what you need before bowfishing in the state, make sure to do further research on what steps to take as you apply for a fishing license now.

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