Five Adventure Tours in California

Millions of tourists are attracted to California for the wine, the theme parks and the beaches. But if you want a little more activity with your vacation, then you should know that the Golden State has you covered there as well.

California sports betting sites may concentrate on the teams from the famous cities of the west coast, but this region has some of the most incredible outdoors activities and adventure pursuits available to enjoy the stunning scenery. Here are five ideas if you are considering making a trip out west and want more of an adrenaline rush.

Yosemite National Park Hiking

As with anything outdoors related in California, you might not appreciate just how big Yosemite National Park is. There are over 800 miles of hiking tracks that can cater for all levels of experience – and levels of energy. The park can also be divided up into five handy sections for ease of navigation.

Multi-day trips are encouraged and allowed between the early part of spring, right through late fall – although a wilderness permit is required for all overnight stays. With so many trails available you can return time and time again to one of the most incredible natural regions in the state.

Mojave Desert ATVs

There are other more energetic pursuits available in Yosemite National Park, but for an ATV adventure trip, the Mojave Desert is difficult to beat. Set in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains – and spanning Utah, Arizona and Nevada, as well as California – the Mojave offers visitors incredible unique views.

There are plenty of outdoor adventure opportunities in this region but ATV tours will certainly provide the necessary adrenaline rush. What better way to get those mountain views, than on the back of a high-speed ATV? You could always cross the state border and finish off your day in Las Vegas as well.

San Andreas Fault Off-roading

Discover the geology and nature of one of the most famous faults in the US, if not the world. The boundary between the Pacific and North American plates, the tectonic activity here has caused some of the biggest natural disasters in the history of the country. But it is also a wonderfully bio-diverse region that needs to be seen to be believed.

Driving jeeps or other off-road vehicles are a great way of exploring the San Andreas Fault, which stretches 750 miles through California. Stopping along the way affords visitors the opportunity to take in rock climbing as well. Follow the trails and discover incredible colored canyons along the way.

Biking Palm Springs

If you would rather use pedal power on two wheels than a jeep’s four wheels, a biking tour starting off in Palm Springs can show you the diversity of experiences available in this part of California. You can even explore the historic neighborhoods of the city before heading out into the wilderness.

You can bike into Mt San Jacinto State Park, but make sure to stop off at Indian Canyons, just west of Palm Springs. The fauna and flora of the area are evocative of a thousand wild west movies and there are hiking trails to discover, as well as biking through the region.

Five Adventure Tours in California

La Jolla Kayaking

If all those adventure trips already seem too hot and dusty, you could always swap the ATV for a kayak and head just north of San Diego to the La Jolla shores. The seven sea caves dotting the coastline are waiting for you to explore and discover their beauty and mystery.

If you time your kayaking expedition for low tide you will be able to see the full color range of the sandstone, as well as the wildlife and seabirds that call the caves their home. This area is just another example of the vast range of adventure opportunities in California – and just the start of what will probably become a series of repeat west coast vacations.

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