How To Catch Wild Shiners In Florida – Fool-Proof Techniques You Never Knew!

Have you always wondered about how to catch Wild Shiners in Florida?

If you’re anything like me who’s thinking about some brilliant hacks that actually work, then you’ve come to the right place.

In all pure simplicity, one of the easiest ways to hook a fish is… Well, with a fish! But with so much conflicting information on the internet, I understand how it can get overwhelming for you.

So, I have gathered these techniques that personally helped me catch an abundance of Wild Shiners in this part of the country – and I’m so eager to share them with you. Check out these ridiculously simple tips that nobody ever told you before. Let’s get started!

How To Catch Wild Shiners In Florida In 3 Ways

Like I said, to catch a fish, you need to use a fish. At least, sometimes.

With a bait fish, you can attract shiners and eventually get a bigger catch. How exactly does this work? Here are 3 things you can do!

1. Use Traps

The quickest and easiest method to try to catch a wild shiner is with a trap.

First, you need to search for the perfect location to set up your trap. I’m talking about shaded areas such as overhanging trees, vegetation and right around the docks. Shiners love these parts of the water but you may want to steer clear of denser vegetation. Otherwise, you’ll have a tough time spotting your target.

I would also be on the lookout for shiners just zipping by right below the water’s surface. This is also a good spot for you to set up your trap.

In some cases, you will have to do the extra job of chumming the water to lure them. A good kind of lure comes in handy, like chunks of bread. You would want it to be large enough that many shiners can feed on it at the same time.

When they flock towards it, you’ll have a clearer picture of just how many there are in that area!

With your targets fully exposed, you can now figure out the right spot for your trap… And bait it! Place a bunch of crackers or bread into your trap. This should lure these wild shiners in, and you’ll be prepared to catch them.

Now, there are instances when the current may be too strong that it can wash away your trap. Prevent this by placing a few rocks inside, serving as an anchor to keep it nice and secure.

Once you see the shiners gather in the trap you’ve made, go ahead and collect your most-awaited catch. But do this as humanely as possible by leaving the trap somewhat submerged in the shallow water. I recommend this crucial tip so your fish won’t undergo stress and stay as healthy as they can until you’re ready to use them as bait.

2. Use A Net

For this method, I recommend using a seine net to catch wild shiners. This is a great tool to collect as many of this fish as possible without subjecting them to stress.

If you are heading out to catch wild shiners with a seine net, you definitely need to have a buddy with you. You two will need to hold either ends of the net, so it’s very important to have some help.

Want it done even faster and more efficiently? Tagging along a third person or more is even better for collecting and hauling the fish from the net to the storage in minutes.

To begin, you need to locate the shallows. You want to choose a spot that’s closer to the shore and with a fairly even and uniform riverbed.

Avoid deep waters with strong currents as not only will it make wading tough but it can even cause you to lose your balance and send the fish scurrying away.

Now, with the help of your fishing buddies, All of you should hold the edges of the net and keep it in an upright position. Spread it out further to expand the reach.

If there are weights on the net, keep these along the bottom while the floats stay on top.

Get your buddy to remain close to the shore and just stay there while holding the part of the net.

As for the other person, his job is to wade a bit further out while keeping the seine net nice and taut and extended. While dragging the net onto the water, he needs to do so in a 180 degree quick sweep around the other person close to the shore, just like a pivot movement.

The key here is to drag the net along the riverbed to prevent shiners from escaping. At this point, you can keep the shiners trapped between the shoreline and the net. Then, you should be ready to collect your catch.

Bring the ends of the net closer to land. The third person will then scoop the wild shiners out using a teardrop net. But if it’s just you and a buddy, then you decide who holds the net while the other collects the fish.

3. Use A Rod And Line

This method is a bit time-consuming and more challenging than the previous techniques. Additionally, it can cause stress to the fish, which can make them less effective once it’s time to use them for your larger fish.

However, it’s not a bad idea to go for the google old rod and line technique when you simply love fishing. You will just need to catch the fish one by one but still there’s fun along the process without a doubt!

As always, you want to make sure you are standing at a good spot. It needs to be shaded since active shiners are a sucker for such a type of location. Never head over to thick vegetation where your lines can simply get caught.

If you want to check out deeper waters, I would look for signs of activity below such as boils and bubbles. These signs mean that there are fish right underneath, and it’s a good spot to catch some.

Moreover, you would want to lure some shiners with a small piece of bread. This will expose their cover, so you know just how many there might be underneath.

When you’re confident that you’re at a good spot, it’s time to start catching some shiners! Put a bait on your hook such as bread. Now, be sure you use just a tiny treble hook since you’re only catching small fish. You most certainly don’t want to injure your catch.

Place your bait closer to the water and right on the surface… Then wait.

When you feel something biting on your bait, wait for a bit to let the shiner eat more of the bread, just in case it is barely hooked yet. Reel your line gently back in until you feel the line is getting tighter. Don’t go too fast or never jerk the rod in a swift manner to avoid losing your catch.

Once you get your shiner, unhook it gently without squeezing on it. This will keep it healthy and free from stress.

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4. Use A Cast Net

use a cast net

This is the simplest and smartest method to use because it’s only a one-man job and you can use the net in deep or shallow water.

Best of all, it won’t stress the fish out unlike with the rod and line method. So overall, it’s a win-win for you and your catch.

However, it’s not too easy to cast your net in such a way that it spreads out evenly on the water. But with some practice and a bit of finesse, you can definitely nail it over time.

I suggest that you practice on land first and simply try tossing your net until it spreads out nicely. But at the same time, don’t practice in an area where you’re actually trying to catch fish. If you’re not ready yet, you may only end up scaring your targets away.

Once you are confident with your net casting skill, go ahead and choose your spot. Again, it shouldn’t be in an area where there is dense vegetation that can snag or cause damages to your net.

Look for activity underwater and scope out for bubbles and boils happening. Then, grab your bread balls and chum the deeper waters with it. I would spend at least 15 minutes just chumming before casting. This boosts your chances of attracting more shiners.

Next, go ahead and cast the net while keeping the weights on the ground. Using your other hand, hold up the weight and clutch it up. Use your other hand to pinch an edge of the weighted bottom of the net. Extend your arm and hold it out to your side. Let your other arm extend to your chest and let the bottom of your net open by about a quarter.

Now, facing the target spot, make a 90-degree turn towards your favored side and go back to your original standing position. Cast the net as high as you can while you swing your body. Be sure to keep the throw line nice and secure as you do this motion.

Let the weights on your net sink for a few seconds before pulling the rope nice and tight, which closes your net. Do this even before the weights touch the water’s bed. There should also be no obstructions that can get tangled up in your net.

Lastly, haul your net by the rope to land the shiners. Open the cast net and place the fish into storage. Be sure to keep them as healthy as possible by moving swiftly.

Bottom Line

When it comes to learning how to catch wild shiners in Florida, there are a few techniques that you can use.

Choose the best one that you are most comfortable with, pick the right spot, and you can expect success with your catch!

We hope this article helped you catch a bunch of wild shiners. Have a great catch and enjoy the moment!

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