Practical Guide on How To Connect Two Tents Together

Camping with a large group is fun.

But at the same time, you would want more space to have some privacy. Adding up another room is a must, so you can have a comfortable sleeping area.

And here is the answer to that dilemma – you need to know how to connect two tents together. If you only have a single tent, this should give ample space instantly. You don’t have to buy a bigger tent. Just having smaller tents (and a couple of them) should be easy to expand.

Here are tips on how you can connect tents together. This way, you can get that additional space you need and have a more comfortable camping experience.

The Basics on How to Connect Two Tents Together

You have a small tent. Your friends have another small tent.

If you are in a group of 4, 6, maybe 8 people, this should not be enough.

It would be great to connect several small tents to get the space you have.

But here is the problem – some tents are not designed to be attached to each other. You cannot simply connect them for some reason.

This is why some creativity can help to get it done. Several alternatives work in keeping these two tents and in getting more space.

Initially, you need to be evaluating the possibilities ahead of you. Check out the design and shape of the tent. You need to make sure that it can really be connected.

In case it is not possible at all, you should be able to try the methods we indicate below.

Design Features for Connecting Two Tents Together

What are the different possibilities of connecting tents and getting the space you need? Here are a few scenarios:

1. One Tent Has Double Doors

The first thing you need to do is to set up tents you want to connect. When two tents come with the same size and shape, you can easily connect them. This way, one tent can easily lead to another.

But here is the catch – you will not be able to enter or exit unless the design is perfectly right. A second door will only make this possible. So you need to make sure that one of the tents comes with another door.

If the two tents have matching doors, all the better. You can easily connect these two without any problem at all. Just roll the doors up to get that unnecessary material out. Then, connect the two openings with binder clips. And… Voila! You have more space with your tents connected.

2. One Door for Each Tent

This can be a bit of an issue but not impossible to connect.

You can still attach them, as long as there is a bit of space in between. This allows you to enter and exit without any hassle through either door.

Simply pitch both tents in a way that both doors face each other. Then, maintain a distance of 1 to 2 meters.

Afterward, bridge the gap with a tarp. Use the tarp to drape the tents. Your stakes will keep them both stable. The goal is to keep the tents’ shape as rigid as possible. This way, your tents will not collapse easily even when they are connected this way.

Having a tarp to connect both tents is actually very useful. You can use the covered space as your picnic area. It could also be used as an additional storage space.

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3. Pole Marquee Tents

When you are camping with your family, a pole marquee tent sure comes in handy. If you only have single tents, you can use a marquee to set up a covered common space. This can also be converted into a socializing area for you and the rest of your group.

It is not too hard to create this setup.

First, you would need to set your marquee first. Next, pitch the sleeping tent in a way that it faces one size of your pole marquee tent. During the rainy season, you should have no problem enjoying your meal and not get wet in the rain.

What is great about this method is it can be expanded into a much larger space. But the idea is to leave one side open for your exit and entrance. This is how simple it needs to be.

Want to upgrade your tent? Here are cool tips to check out:

Additional Tips on How to Connect Two Tents Together

What if you don’t want to connect a couple of tents together?

How can you still get the space you need?

Then, the best way to do it is with a multi-room tent. Family camping should not be a hassle at all with this type of tent. You can easily turn this into your “second home”, which should offer ample space for you and your camping members.

A multi-room tent offers a way to have a few bedrooms. This gives you the privacy you need, along with the luxury of eating outside in a shaded area.

What we like the most about a multi-room tent is that it is easy to organize things. You can have your own space with your personal belongings.

Adults can choose to sleep at any time they want without impacting their children’s sleeping schedule.

For the most part, it is the privacy and extra space that is great about this setup.

On the other hand, there are some small drawbacks with a multi-room tent. For instance, it can be very big. The windy condition may cause this tent to be a bit unsteady.

Additionally, the tent is also expensive. This is why the cost may be too much for your budget.

As for the setup, this type of tent is bulky and heavy. You may have a tough time transporting your tent, as well.

And finally, according to camperlists, for a perfect trip, you should equip a shower tent. With the right shower tent, you are surely able to clean after a long day of active play.


Overall, connecting a tent is a viable solution to keeping your space bigger and more comfortable. Just be sure to follow these tips on how to connect two tents together, so you will not have a difficult time with the setup and get maximum benefits you need.

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