How To Hunt Black Bear Without Bait – Fool-Proof Techniques You Should Know

Figuring out how to hunt black bear without bait?

It may seem intimidating or even impossible to do so. But according to experts, it is absolutely doable and even simple to do!

While the thought may seem challenging at first, it is actually simpler than what you assume it to be. In fact, you can by-pass the bait and go straight to hunting without it at all. But don’t forget a rifle and scope, such as a long-range rifle scope under $300.

So, let’s get started with these simple and easy tips on how to hunt black bears without any bait – as recommended by expert bear hunters. Here we go!

How to Hunt Black Bear Without Bait – The Basics

First of all, putting down bait for your target is an easy way to hunt them down.

However, this may not be legal at all times. For instance, there are various state laws that prohibit the use of bait. Penalties may be incurred by doing so.

With this in mind, let us consider these simple steps that will help you to hunt black bear without bait and get the results you want.

1. Get your GPS set up.

Technology brings to us many possibilities… Including hunting black bears.

Now, there are certain tools you can use to locate places to hunt bears. These tools include Google Earth and Base Map, which both come in handy for scouting hunting spots for these massive beasts.

Simply navigate areas at the comfort of your own home to prepare for your trip. Among the things you can find out with these tools are nearby roads, hunting areas, accessibility to land, water sources, and so on.

If you are attempting to head over into an infamous bear country, be sure to check for heavy foliage spots and drainages. These are common hiding spots for bears, so you can have a headstart before you proceed to these locations.

2. Check for food.

It is a no-brainer technique for hunting black bears in the woods.

Naturally, when there is food widely available, you can bet that there’s a bear hiding around somewhere. These include acorns, berries, and clovers. Black bears are crazy about these things, which increases your chances of finding this beast.

Additionally, you can check for skunk cabbages, which are also a favorite of bears.

But do keep in mind that elevation and weather conditions impact food sources. When the weather is great, then there is a likelihood of an abundance of food, as well. So, keep this in mind before you go hunting.

3. Check the thermals.

Not to sound too technical here but thermals and wind play an important role in bear hunting.

Thermals are key to achieving success when stalking your prey. This refers to the rising and falling air currents, impacted by the temperature during the day.

Thermals also tend to help drift your scent away. Thus, you want your prey to be able to smell you and come to you.

This is why at certain points, you may need to wait until the wind is going your way. An hour waiting period may be necessary before that bear comes walking by. Hence, you have to be patient and consider the perfect timing before you attack.

It is also worth noting that the air tends to rise and cause the thermals to flow uphill in the morning. But when it is nighttime, thermals have a downhill flow. Make sure to keep these things in mind to have greater success in hunting.

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Additional Tips on How to Hunt Black Bear Without Bait

In addition to food sources, always remember that bears are unlikely to be roaming around when the weather is hot.

They prefer to be in the shade instead of out in the wide-open when it is warm outside. Hence, you may want to look for dark timber or shaded areas to begin your hunt.

Oftentimes, bears first roam around areas with dark timber then onto the open area on their search for food. Check for dark cool gulches that can give you signs that your prey is nearby.

Later in the morning, you should also hike to higher areas and search for surrounding drainage. It helps you to gain insight on the elevations where there is a higher concentration of bears. In fact, this is the time when bears are glassing instead of beating the bushes.

Bears have a sweet tooth. This is why during the late summer or fall, they end up packing on some pounds by eating more of those berries to stuff themselves. This is their way of preparing for the upcoming frigid weather where there will be a scarcity of food available for them.

They may feed ravenously on huckleberries, specifically in the fall. Thus, it is not surprising to find bits and pieces of berry skins on the ground.

Moreover, they are also crazy about oats and corn. If you are in the Midwest, oat fields and cornfields are popular places for bears. Even at a distance, you should be able to spot a bear eating in an Oatfield. This is your chance to make a go for it.

Final Thoughts on How to Hunt Black Bear Without Bait

We hope this post has been helpful in answering your question, “how to hunt black bear without bait.”

While the task may seem intimidating and immensely challenging, it is certainly not impossible at all. With these tips and tricks, you should be able to spot your target and plan your attack once you do so.

Keep an eye out for signs such as food sources, wind direction, as well as viable locations where these black bears may be hiding. Then, you can think about your plan of action the moment you spot your target. Preparation is most certainly key to your bear hunting success!

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