Expert Tips On How To Make Sure Your Rv Hot Water Tank Is Full

Looking to know how to make sure your RV hot water tank is full?

For every RV owner, the hot water heater is a very important appliance. After all, you need it to get hot water ready for your shower, for washing your hands, and so many other tasks while camping.

You may be using tankless or electric, or perhaps you have a small hot water tank. No matter what you’ve got, it helps to know exactly how to fill RV hot water – and how you can tell if the tank is already full.

From filling up the unit to draining it, as well as understanding the electrical controls and how they work, these are all very essential to know as a camper owner. Thus, you can avoid any issues from coming your way and get the best outcome that you want.

Ready to get started? Let’s tackle these topics and help you figure out the ways to fill your RV hot water – and every other related topic to this that you’d want to know!

How To Make Sure Your Rv Hot Water Tank Is Full

As with many RV owners, you’re probably trying to figure out how to tell if hot water heater is full.

The first thing to look into is by knowing what size of tank you have. Many RVs have a 6-gallon tank up to about 10 gallons. These water heaters are also propane-powered unless it’s a class A type of motorhome or luxury RV.

Additionally, these water heaters come with a pilot light. Others have a direct spark ignition, which would need some kind of a switch for turning the water heater on when your RV is parked.

On the other hand, a pilot light system would mean you need to turn it on after you park and level your RV.

It is also worth noting that as with home water heater units, safety systems are installed in your RV water heater to prevent any build up of pressure or to keep the water from getting too hot. You should be able to find out what safety systems you have in your water heater by referring to the owner’s manual.

Thus, to determine if your RV hot water tank is full, you need to know two things – the size of your tank and what safety systems are in place, which you can get answers to by checking the RV instructions manual for your reference.

Once you have it all figured out, you are all set to get the unit started. If you are using your water heater just now after installing it, you need to fill it up initially. Read more about it in the next section.

How To Fill Your RV Hot Water Tank

how to fill your rv hot water tank

So, you’ve installed your hot water tank, and now the next thing to tackle is filling it up. This is a must when you are using the unit for the first time. But since RVs are different, you would need to check your manufacturer’s manual for precise steps on how to fill the tank and make sure it’s within the required water level.

However, there are cases when you have either lost your manual, or you simply want a quick guide on how to fill your RV hot water tank. Thus, here is a quick outline to get you started:

  • Check the bypass valve of your water heater
  • Open the valve to allow the water to flow into your primary tank.
  • Hook up your RV to a water outlet nearby and pump water using the onboard pump
  • Turn the tap for your hot water
  • Let water to flow into your heating tank from the lines
  • Make sure the water level reaches the fill line – then your water heater is ready for use.

Additional Tips When Filling Your RV Water Heater

You would need to fill your RV water heater annually. But before you store your camper for the winter season, you need to empty the tanks to prevent damages caused by freezing. Others simply use antifreeze for their water tank if they would rather not go through the trouble of emptying it.

Once you are ready to use the water heater again, you need to fill it up first. It is a relatively quick and easy process that involves only a few steps. Here they are.

1. Get your materials ready

Unless you have a high-end RV that does not need to get the tank filled up before use, you will have to prepare certain materials to get started. These include a freshwater hose, canned air, land-based water source, and a couple of rags. Get these things ready, then you can move on to the next step.

2. Fill the water heater tank.

Attach the water supply connection of your RV to a land-based water source using your freshwater hose. Inspect the freshwater tank to see if it is filled up.

Do not forget to install the water filter before you start filling up. You may also have to add more water to the freshwater tank when needed, and you can do this by opening the water valve connection.

3. Turn the water heater off when done filling up.

Once you have reached the desired water level, you can turn the water heater off. Check the pilot light, which should not be seen on the gas units. If you use propane to power the water heater, be sure to disconnect it. Otherwise, you simply have to switch the power off when using electricity to run the unit.

4. Turn the water pump on.

Next, turn your water pump on and open your hot water faucet. Make it a point that water runs out of your faucet in a continuous stream then turn the unit off. Check for any leaks in the tank and through the connections.

When you notice some leaks, discontinue the process and assess the issue. Once the tank has been filled up and the pump is off, you can turn the water heater on. Clean up the spills with rangs.

Do not turn the water heater on unless the tank is already full. Otherwise, this can result in damages to the heater.

It is also likely to see some ebugs each time you open the water heater panel. Use canned air to blast these away. The area surrounding your water heater tank should be free from debris or dirt at all times.

Bottom Line

We hope this helped you learn how to make sure your RV hot water heater tank is full.

It is a fairly straightforward process but for those who have never done this before, these steps and tips should be handy.

Now, you can make sure you have a good supply of hot water at all times for your convenience and comfort while camping.

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