Smart Tips On How To Manually Retract Hydraulic Slide Out

Looking for ways on how to manually retract hydraulic slide out?

For the most part, slide outs are an excellent addition to your camper. It adds to your convenience and ease, which means you get a higher value than what you pay for.

Plus, hydraulic slide outs are also automatic. With just a press of a button, you can quickly close or open them.

Unfortunately, it does not always seem to work that way. When there’s damage to the mechanism, this can be tough for you. The whole thing can simply fail.

Before you go ahead and contact a technician, it may be worth trying it out yourself first. You may realize it’s not that difficult to do after all!

How To Manually Retract Hydraulic Slide Out

When working well, the hydraulic slide out is easy to deal with. Press a button, and then it does the work for you.

However, when you need to manually retract hydraulic slide out, this takes a bit more work. But with the steps below, you can get it done in no time!

1. Check The Motor.

If your slide out suddenly breaks down, the first thing you need to do is to locate your RV’s hydraulic motor. You don’t need to surrender to the possibility of being stranded somewhere as long as you can manually retract your slide out.

Check your user manual and search for the motor. In case you have lost the manual, you can always visit your manufacturer’s website and search the particular model of your camper. Contacting their helpline can also be very helpful in assisting you with your needs.

Many RVs have their motor in the compartment, specifically the front luggage section. But it won’t hurt to inspect the side compartment, as well.

2. Locate Your Camper’s Slide Out Valve

This component determines whether your motor is okay with manual or automatic only type of operation.

But one caveat – locating this part is not too easy. After all, it does not look exactly the same as the system’s other valves.

There are often two system valve levels, while one can be the slide out valve. Fortunately, you may be able to find a tag to locate it easily.

Once you have found it, rotate it counterclockwise or clockwise – whatever works to set it in manual mode. There may also be some instructions found on the valve.

Then, you can go ahead and look for the hydraulic valve. It needs to be in the right position. Otherwise, the transmission fluid won’t make it on your slide out.

3. Look For The Manual Operation System

When it comes to this component, you may be looking for a knob or a hand pump. It depends on the model of RV you have.

With older models, hand pumps are quite common. Never RV models have knobs. If what you are using is a hand pump, then you would require a 2-foot bar to pump until you are able to retract the slide.

On the other hand, a knob would require the use of automatic screw guns. Figure out where the knob is then retract your slide out by rotating it to the right direction. A flexible screwdriver may also come in handy if it is a tight space you’re working with.

4. Put Things back To Position

When you have done all of these, you simply have to lock your RV’s manual operation valve right into its position. Do the same to your slide-out valve and be sure to close shut the motor cover.

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Final Thoughts

Your slide out can malfunction because of many things. It could either be a faulty hydraulic pump, leaks in your hydraulic lines, or a malfunctioning in the hydraulic valve.

Because of these troubles that are likely to arise, it is best to do a routine check periodically. Inspect the level of hydraulic fluids to make sure it is ideal.

Do not even attempt to travel when the tank is not full. Also, be sure you have reliable automatic transmission fluid on hand. Skip the cheap ones that may only do more harm than good to you.

Additionally, check the battery status. Keep them fully charged to avoid issues such as not being able to open the slide-out automatically. Other issues linked with the battery include problems with the self-start, among other things.

With all these things in mind, be sure you have these techniques in mind and exercise proper precaution to ensure the good performance of your slide outs. Then, you will not have to deal with hassles along the way!

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