6 Ways on How To Scrap A Camper Trailer

Knowing how to scrap a camper trailer can help you get rid of an old one to make room for a brand new RV.

Instead of just leaving it lying around in the yard or garage, you can dispose of it whether for more space, for charitable purposes, or even to make some extra cash. In fact, some people make tens of thousands of dollars by remodeling a camper trailer then reselling it!

It is all a matter of knowing how it’s done and getting practical ideas to help you get started.

Keep reading to get that old camper out with these brilliant ideas you’ve never thought of. Let’s get started.

How to Scrap a Camper Trailer

There are many reasons why you want to know how to scrap a camper trailer.

For instance, you may have been thinking about purchasing a new one. Or you simply had a change of heart and were not interested in keeping your old one.

It could be that your camper trailer is not in good condition anymore, and you realized that getting it fixed for a steep price is not worth it.

Some people may want to get rid of a camper trailer to make some extra cash, which is not a bad idea, too.

No matter what your reasons are for scrapping a camper trailer, these tips can help you make it happen.

1. Sell your camper to a scrap yard.

A quick way to get rid of your camper is by selling it to a local salvage yard as junk.

But do take note that by doing this, you cannot expect to make a larger profit. A huge advantage, however, is that it is easy to sell it. Plus, if your camper is in a really bad condition, it may be beyond fixing. Thus, the chances of someone buying it at a decent price is quite slim.

When you sell your RV as junk, you have an option of dropping it off at the salvage yard yourself or having them pick it up at your preferred location. This is an easy fix to your space problem with a bulky and rusty camper that you want to get rid of quickly.

2. Donate your RV to a non-profit organization.

Do you simply want to get rid of your RV and not exactly keen on making some cash out of it?

If so, then why not donate it to a local charity that can use this vehicle?

There are a number of organizations that you can find in your local area that may be willing to accept your old camper.

Moreover, they can even assist you with any required paperwork. In some cases, you can even ask them to tow your vehicle from your place to theirs.

Hence, this makes things much more seamless for you. A quick search online should lead you to potential charit able organizations you can reach out to.

3. Put your camper up for sale.

Is your camper still in a relatively decent condition?

If you think that it can still be fixed and be of good use to someone, then you can definitely sell it on online marketplaces or put up an ad for interested buyers.

Take pictures of your camper and create a catchy ad for it, then sell your vehicle on eBay, Craigslist, and similar online platforms.

You may also consider getting some parts fixed and give your camper a neat makeover before you sell it. This will help to increase its value and become more profitable for you.

The most important thing is that you are transparent about any existing issue with it. This way, your potential buyer will know exactly what to expect when they purchase the vehicle.

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4. Reach out to DIY enthusiasts.

Old campers are becoming more and more popular among DIY-ers. They convert it to a mini-shop where they can sell clothing, apparel, and sometimes even baked goods.

Others are more interested in turning an old camper into their own cozy nook. As for some DIY-ers, they simply want to dismantle the parts and use it for their personal projects.

Whatever their purpose may be, it is simply a smart idea to consider having these DIY enthusiasts in the area to take a look at your vehicle and see if they are interested in buying it.

Additionally, you can always put up the parts on sale on various online sites or marketplaces. Salvage yards may also be interested in buying these metal parts, which can help you make extra cash.

5. Dispose of your camper at a dump station in the area.

Next tip for those who want to know how to scrap a camper is to dispose of it at a dump station nearby.

You may need to consult local authorities regarding this process. It may be straightforward in some cases but for others, it may come with a fee.

Then again, do keep in mind that dumping it can cost some money such as towing the vehicle and disposing of it in the said location.

So, for some camper owners, this is their last resort when in dire need of getting rid of their vehicle.

6. Find better use for your camper.

This step involves two things – you can dismantle the vehicle to get the parts you may need and then sell or donate the ones that are of no use for you.

You may be surprised to find out that some camper parts can come in handy for a project you are working on. Or, you can simply put them up for sale to your friends and family whom you think may be interested in these parts.

And the next step is to remodel your old camper and then flip it. You can renovate it and turn something creative out of it before selling it to others at a reasonable price.

Some people who remodel, flips, and resells campers actually make thousands of dollars from it just like this creative mom. Imagine making over $20,000 by turning this camper remodeling project into a fun and profitable thing to do!

Final Thoughts on How to Scrap a Camper

For the most part, scrapping your old camper can be hugely beneficial to you since you are making room for more in your yard by getting rid of a bulky vehicle.

Furthermore, you can make some extra money by selling it to either a salvage yard, a DIY-er, or an interested buyer who would like to purchase your vehicle at a decent price.

Just be sure to check with relevant local authorities regarding any paperwork needed, as well as costs involved in any method of disposing your vehicle that you wish to do.

By doing so, you can proceed to your plan without any hiccups and perhaps even get some profits along the way.

We hope this post on how to scrap a camper has been helpful to you. With so many options to choose from, you can definitely figure out a smart way to get rid of this vehicle as quickly as possible.

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