Is It Legal to Carry a Pocket Knife in Florida? The Answers Revealed!

Pocket knives are a good accessory to carry when hunting, whether it’s for self-defense, hunting, or tweaking your tools.

Are you planning to carry a pocket knife in Florida? You’ll first need to learn about the rules and regulations of doing so! A lot of people have questioned, “is it legal to carry a pocket knife in Florida?”

Read on as I show you the answer and talk more about the Florida knife laws to acquaint yourself of what you can and cannot carry.

What Knives Are Legal to Own in Florida?

Here are the knives you are allowed to own:

  • Balisong knives
  • Belt, cane, and other disguised knives
  • Bowie knives
  • Butterfly knives
  • SwitchBlades (See top switchblades according to
  • Daggers
  • Stilettos
  • Swords
  • Machete
  • Misleading knives
  • Throwing stars or knives
  • Undetectable knives (which don’t set off metal detectors)

The Florida law doesn’t limit individuals from owning, buying, or selling knives other than the ballistic knife.

There is ONE type of knife that’s forbidden by Florida law, which is the ballistic or self-propelled knives. This is declared a deadly or dangerous weapon, as well as a contraband item.

Limits On Carrying: Open and Concealed Carry

While you can own various knives, there is a limit on what you are allowed to carry. It depends on these factors:

  • The type of knife and its purpose
  • The way you carry it (open or concealed carry)
  • The blade style (serrated, straight, or semi-serrated blade)

In Florida, you can open carry any type of knife besides the ballistic knife. Open carry refers to securing knives “in plain sight.”

Attaching your knife to a utility belt is considered open carry while putting it in your shirt pocket means partially hidden. You must display the knife in plain sight so it qualifies as open carry.

As for concealed carry, Florida law prohibits carrying a concealed weapon. But they permit concealed carry for certain knives, such as:

  • Box cutters, work knives, and other multi-tools are legal to conceal carry
  • Common pocket knives that measure less than four inches is legal to conceal carry
  • If the knife has a blade of over four inches, it requires a permit for concealed carry
  • Anything outside these types of knives hasn’t yet been banned or allowed

If the knife is considered a deadly weapon, then it is NOT permitted to conceal carry it.

Is It Legal to Carry a Pocket Knife in Florida?

So with all these in mind, is it legal to carry a pocket knife in Florida?

YES, it is legal to carry a pocket knife in the state.

You can open or conceal carry the pocket knife, provided that its blade is less than four inches long. But if you have a pocket knife that is longer than four inches, you will require a permit if you plan to conceal carry.

You should measure your knife from the bottom of the blade’s exposed section up to the blade tip. However, other courts begin the blade measurement from the base of the blade, which is hidden by the knife handle.

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What Else Should I Know About?

While you can legally own and open carry almost all knives with blades less than four inches long, you still need to check with the specific Florida county. Certain counties in Florida regulate weapons slightly differently compared to the state law.

Before you do begin carrying your pocket knife, check your local municipal code to be sure of your rights. You can also check with your local municipality to collect a permit to conceal carry your pocket knife if required.

Do you want to learn more about carrying pocket knives in Florida? Check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

Fortunately, carrying a pocket knife in Florida is completely legal, and you can conceal carry it as long as it tases the blade length. However, it’s still recommended to check with the county you live in for any specific laws on carrying such knives.

I hope that this article answers your question, “is it legal to carry a pocket knife in Florida?” Now that you know the answer, invest in the right pocket knife for you, whether it’s for hunting or defense.

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