Sailing Adventure 101: What You Need to Know Before You Sail

A journey on land is quite exciting. You can go hiking, camping, or even mountaineering for your land-based activities. However, embarking on an adventure at sea is an entirely new experience. You can go snorkeling with whales, fishing in the middle of the vast sea, free diving, or even go island hopping. 

These adventures may or may not be new to you but being able to do such unique activities at sea is a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll surely need to tick off your bucket list. With the fresh breeze blowing through your hair, the soothing sound of the ocean waves in the background, and the opportunity to see wild animals and photograph the perfect sunset, sailing off into the distance is an experience of its own.

Thus, if you’re planning to go sailing for an incredible adventure, there are things that you first need to know before you go on your pleasant journey. After reading this article, you’ll be able to organize a fantastic and unforgettable sailing voyage, as it contains information about what you need to know before sailing. So, what are you waiting for? Read on!

Things You Need to Know

Sailing demands substantial preparation as you venture into the open sea and sail off in the distance. Such preparation includes travel and charter documents, marine supplies, safety and navigation equipment, a first aid kit, etc. Now, more than such, this article will cover a few things that you need to know before you set sail. Listed below are the following:

Find the Right Charter Service

You will need to find and explore a charter service to handle and run your cruise unless you already own a boat or have an acquaintance who frequently operates their vessel. If you do not fall into either of these categories, you will need to search for the exemplary charter service.

The majority of charters provide packages that include an experienced captain and a full-service crew to run the vessel. People who live on the shore or near it have many options available to them for charter boat services.

Know Your Destination

If you are sailing on a tiny lake or the ocean, and regardless of your degree of experience, you should always be mindful of your destination. Each site has unique advantages and disadvantages that will affect your sailing experience. For example, are you traveling a great distance? Is the water typically choppy within that area? These details will aid in the development of your plan.

Check Tide, Wind, and Weather

Some people believe that they can go sailing because they are favorable. However, you still need to check the approaching weather projection, even if the sky is clear and the sun is shining, because a storm or a shift in the weather conditions might develop out of nowhere.

A few days before your scheduled sailing excursion, closely monitor the weather reports to ensure that no typhoons or other weather disturbances are on their way. Never travel if severe weather conditions are predicted, regardless of the circumstances.

Make Safety Your Top Priority

Safety is the most crucial factor to consider when sailing above all others. Thus, most charter services must include life jackets in their standard safety protocol. However, it would not harm to verify with your charter operator that they carry life jackets for every passenger – one per passenger.

Also, if you can, make sure to get travel insurance. Again, bad things can happen out of the blue, so it’s best to always be on the safe side. You might also consider bringing a first-aid kit and a range of possible emergency contacts as a precaution. These items will be of assistance to you if something unfortunate occurs.

GPS, Compass, and Map Are Must-Haves

A GPS, which is already standard on many of today’s smartphones thanks to advancements in technology, is the most effective navigational instrument available. However, as a backup plan, you should bring a compass and map with you just in case there are any problems with the technology.

Prepare A Good Itinerary

You can also plan out the route you will take on your sailing adventure. Your hobbies, the locations you would want to visit, and the kinds of activities you would like to participate in while on your trip can all be factored into creating a personalized itinerary.

Wildlife sightings such as whale viewing, dolphin tours, migrating bird sightings, and coral reef observations are highly regarded sailing activities. You may also like to engage in more physically demanding hobbies such as snorkeling, scuba diving, or fishing.

Plan a maritime feast

Some charter services may serve their customers with food and drink options, which often consist of a menu of light yet flavorful foods and beverages. If you are thinking about spending the day on a boat, you should probably look over the menu provided by the charter service. Conversely, you could also consider preparing your meals if you have the means and the desire to do so and if the cruise company permits you.

Final Thoughts

Sailing is a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience that you can do for yourself, and it is pretty simple to organize if you put some thought into the planning and preparation phases. Therefore, if you are thinking about going on a sailing expedition but aren’t sure if you should go through with it, you shouldn’t second-guess yourself and go for it.

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