Best Glock Accessories to Start Your Hunting Season

As soon as the hunting season is here, and it’s time to get your hunting license and select the right weapon to take along with you. While many will fight between rifles and shotguns, Glocks and other handguns are left on the side. The reason is that people believe Glocks to be best for defense and not hunting. However, it’s not true.

Although Glocks cannot give you results like rifles or shotguns, they can effectively hunt many small animals like rabbits, squirrels, ducks, geese, etc. But that does not limit the use of Glocks for small game hunting. When upgraded with appropriate accessories, they can be suitable for big animals like deers, sheep, foxes, etc.

But what accessories do you need to upgrade your Glocks? Here are some best Glock accessories to up your hunting game.

Glock Conversion Kits

Want to blend the lightness of Glocks and the accuracy of rifles? A Glock conversion kit is the perfect solution for you. Also referred to as Micro Ronis, these conversion kits can turn your Glocks into a Short Barrelled Rifle (SBR). It will help you shoot multiple rounds at high accuracy, making it suitable for big animals like deer and bears.

The best thing about a Glock conversion kit is that it enables you to use them with single or both hands. Hence, when an animal is near you, you can use it with a single hand for defense. But when you want to take a shot at a distant animal, shoulder it and use it with both hands for an accurate hit.

Lights and Optics

While you will never go hunting in the dark, keeping lights and optics can always come in handy. Due to increasing global warming and its effect on weather changes, they can be helpful. Suppose you are following a deer who enters deep inside the jungle. The density of the jungle keeps the sunlight at bay, and suddenly the weather changes. It makes the environment darker, and you face difficulties keeping an eye on the deer.

In that case, lights and optics can help you get better visibility for shooting and defense. The optics can travel in low-light conditions so that you can hit your target even in the dark. While you have many options, we would recommend the Streamlight TLR-1 series for lights and 3-dot tritium night sights for optics because of their accuracy.


As important as the perfect Glock you have, is the holster. When on hunting, you need to be alert and quick. Holding a Glock won’t let you run as quickly as possible. Hence, you need to rest it in a superior and comfortable holster. They play a vast array of functions, including protecting the Glock from wear and tear and accidental discharge.

You need to select a holster that can enable you to tote around with the Glock. However, besides protecting the Glock and preventing accidental discharge, your holster should also be comfortable. Moreover, it should allow you to withdraw the Glock at the correct angle when necessary quickly.

Suppose you have a close encounter with a big animal while hunting, the quick accessibility, and the angle at which the Glock comes out can make all the difference. We recommend using Orpaz’s holsters as they are comfortable and allow you to draw your Glock quickly.


The grip you get on your Glock can significantly impact your accuracy. Also, there are high chances of misfiring if your hands keep slipping away. It is essential when hunting as you usually get a single accurate shot. Once you miss the target, the animal quickly gets out of your sight.

You need to go for a durable grip impervious to moisture and sweating. It should also be able to hold texture and grip when wet. You can opt for Talon grips or AG series grips. These are the most popular grips available for Glocks.


While some hunters may prefer the standard factory triggers, many are uncomfortable. There are different types of triggers available to customize your shooting experience. For instance, some are good for making your Glock a car pistol, while others are better for long-range shooting.

For hunting, we recommend that you go with lighter triggers. They can boost your performance for shooting at long ranges, and that’s what you want in the wild.


As you can see in this post, there are tons of customization options you have. With each upgrade, you can make your Glock handy for small and big game hunting. You can pick your accessories based on your preferences. It’s time to build your customized Glock and start your hunting season.

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