3-Gun Competition Guide – Tips on How to Get Started & Win!

Have you ever heard of 3 gun? Better yet, do you want to win at a game of 3 gun?

If you have never heard of it, or perhaps you want to try your luck at this game, then stick around – this 3 gun competition guide can help you elevate your game and win!

So, if you’re in search of excitement and fun, here we go – it’s time to get acquainted with the thrilling world of 3 gun… And have a blast at it – no pun intended!

3 Gun Competition Guide – Know the Lowdown

Basically, 3 gun may bring back memories of a first-person shooter video game where you run around and shoot around with your rifle, handgun, or shotgun. You will also need scopes with different optics configurations, but we’ll talk more about that in a bit.

The first thing you need is to find a match. This is the initial step you need to take since you will have to figure out where exactly is the closest 3 gun competition in your area.

You will also need to get outfitted. By this, I mean knowing the right gun to use. Moreover, you will have to get your ammo ready – and a whole lot of it!

Keep in mind that in every match listing you find, only the minimum requirement is provided. But a word of advice for you: Always go beyond the requirement. You can double it or perhaps even triple it if you want to play safe.

In the game of 3 gun, quantity counts more than quality. Thus, it is a smart move to purchase that inexpensive ammo by the dozen or so to have a good amount.

Now, if you have never been introduced to basic gun safety and handling, there is one important thing to know – these are things you should never attempt to learn at a match.

Mere beginners need to take classes on these topics way before the game. However, those who have prior experience with gun usage can be good to go. Or better yet, a refresher course on those two gun-related topics would be better.

A great place to go to prior to the 3 gun match is the shooting range. Weeks before the match, keep practicing and refining your shooting and drawing skills. You should be able to do these while you are in motion or when in different positions.

What to Expect at a 3 Gun Competition

Now comes the exciting part – the day of the match!

There is so much anticipation prior to this day but you have to take it easy. It is a good time to remember what you have learned and mastered from the range and apply it all on the competition.

The match can come in 3 different classes.

The Open Match allows you to do legal mods to the three guns allowed in the competition.

As for the Tactical Optics, you will need an AR-15 gun rifle, as well as a semi-automatic centerfire pistol and a semi-automatic shotgun with a magazine tube extension. If you are a beginner, then this is the best place to start since you may already have one or more of the guns required in this class.

Lastly, we have the Heavy Metal class. If you are a pro hunter, then it is most likely the class of your choice. Large calibres such as the .308 rifle, .45 ACP handgun, and the 12-gauge pump shotgun are a perfect fit for this competition.

Moreover, expert or avid hunters would love the Heavy Metal class as it preps them for the hunting style they do.

Want to learn more about 3 gun competitions? Check out this video as an introduction to it.

Quick Look at the 3 Gun Competition Course

One most important thing to note about 3 gun – it is a test of your skill, aside from it being a race.

There are often 8 to 12 stages with up to 35 targets that players must hit as quickly as possible.

The targets vary in appearance and distance. There are those in the form of a paper silhouette while others are steel poppers showing up at about 600 yards.

In addition, spinning wheels, flying clay pigeons, and other targets are found.

But it is not just the targets you have to keep in mind. The obstacle course piece of the competition adds some excitement and challenge to it. Thus, you can find some obstacles on your way, which you need to navigate around such as barrels, junk cars, and walls.

No two matches are equal. The obstacles depend on the match designer’s preference and design. But as for the stages, you will have to switch from using the shotgun, rifle, or pistol. And it is your call when it comes to determining the best weapons to use.

Important Things to Note about the 3 Gun Competition

One last thing you may want to know about the 3 gun competition – there are time penalties that will hurt your score if you incur these.

These penalties are due to missed targets and any safety violations you may acquire. And at the end of the match, your time and penalties are computed. The shooter who is declared as the winner has the shortest time for all the stages combined.

Before every stage starts, there is a walk-through presented. Be sure to prepare yourself by mentally running through each stage and transition. You will also need to think smoothly and slow down to know the best move to make. Fast does not always mean better, especially if you move swiftly, yet you keep missing targets and incurring violations.

By applying this guide and checking out the video I shared with you, these should all help you get set up in this exciting 3 gun competition. Best of luck and have a blast!

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