US Birdwatching State By State

Despite the constant technological progress and significant discoveries in the field of technology and understanding of how everything is arranged, humanity is increasingly returning to studying how nature works, how everything is interconnected, and what is influenced by certain factors. Suppose earlier there was only one science, biology, which examined all living things in general; now, each species has been assigned its own science and researchers. In that case, hundreds of thousands of people can investigate representatives of flora and fauna.

Observation and study of birds occupy one of the main places in this massive mechanism of learning the secrets of nature. After all, it makes it possible to understand the reasons for bird migrations, their life cycles, and habits, which are currently incomprehensible to us. Watching the planks is very informative, necessary, and exciting because the nature of the United States of America is incredible. Depending on the state, you can come across unique species if you know how to see them and have the necessary devices for this.

Of course, the first thing you should prepare for bird watching is a plan, what exactly you would like to see, when it is possible, and in which state certain species of birds are found. Collecting information is very important because the variety of species is simply off the charts. Each state has a unique opportunity to observe changes in their life depending on the season or time of day.

Since there are many species of birds of prey, and they are more active at night, it is worth having a night vision device with you, such as binoculars (for a deeper dive and inclusion in what is happening) or a night scope (which is much smaller and can be used in combination with other devices) here the choice is yours.

After you have collected everything you need and decided on the route, we suggest starting a journey through the most beautiful landscapes to observe and search for special species of birds.

Let’s start with the state of Alabama, which is widely known for its diversity of bird species, especially during the spring migration of birds, when you can see pelicans with their vast beaks or pink and stylish flamingos. The most common locations to find them are Mobile Bay and Dauphin Island, which provide the best natural conditions for the birds to stay there. Also, some of the favorite places for migratory birds are Lake Okeechobee (Florida), Lake Hamilton, and the Arkansas River in Arkansas; if you have parrots or golden eagles on your list of goals to watch, this state is a must-see because few. At the same time, you can observe these majestic birds and enjoy the wonderful nature around them.

Alpine scenery and abundant hawks, eagles, and other raptors attract many nature lovers and explorers. For this, you need to go to the state of Alaska, Colorado, or Delaware. Although their nature is different, the most open-minded supporters of observing nature want to visit all three to see the greatness and beauty of all states. In this case, the observer is attracted by birds of prey. Everyone wants to understand the logic of his thoughts and actions, as well as to see the mysterious moment of hunting; however, it is worth noting that most often, these hunters go hunting at night, when representatives of other species are most vulnerable, so, in this case, you will need a night vision device, because without it you will not be able to see and reveal the hunting secrets of the fastest hunters of the air space.

And suppose you prefer the variety of climate and bird species of California. In that case, we advise you to visit the Sonoran Desert, where you can find rare species of birds and enjoy the endless expanses of the desert. Or go to the world-famous Grand Canyon and look for one of the most beautiful birds – hummingbirds. See with your own eyes the speed of the swing of its wings or the process of obtaining nectar.

The state of Georgia is located in the southeast of America and is also famous for its diversity of species. Lake Oconee is especially noteworthy, as it is considered one of the best and most convenient places for bird watching in this state; it is near the lake that you can see with your own eyes where you can cormorants, alligators, and many other fauna representatives.

In Connecticut, mountains and forests are combined, giving space for the development and reproduction of many species of birds, and the climate is favorable for many species of owls to live there. Therefore, if this is your passion, we recommend visiting this state.

Traveling across the states opens up new opportunities to observe and develop your knowledge of nature and its inhabitants. Therefore, it is a responsible and exciting mission for every nature lover, especially bird lovers. Of course, each state is worth a separate trip, so it is worth setting aside at least a week for each state to fully enjoy the beauties and birds that live there or migrate to one or another state. Once you have made such a trip and received these incredible experiences, you will need help to stop. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately prepare for it. Gather everything you need: clothes and comfortable shoes, snacks and drinking water, if the observation is delayed, a photo and video camera to remember this experience and, of course, a night scope so that you do not stop only at daytime observation, but thoroughly enjoy the wonders that nature has prepared. Have a nice trip through the exciting world of bird-watching state by state.

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