What Muscles Does Paddle Boarding Work – Surprising Facts You Never Knew!

Have you ever wondered what muscles does paddle boarding work?

If you are keen on trying out a new workout, you will be surprised to find out that paddle boarding is an excellent activity to try.

Not only is it fun to go paddle boarding but it also works different muscles.

Whether you are trying to improve your core or work your glutes and legs, this sports activity fits the bill. So, let’s find out more about the impressive things paddle boarding does to you and how to do it for your workout training!

What Muscles Does Paddle Boarding Work?

First, let us talk about what paddle boarding is all about.

Basically, this is a type of water sport where you stand or kneel on a paddle board. Then, you use a paddle to get it to move or to propel it.

The key here is to keep yourself balanced on the board while propelling yourself forward.

It may sound simple but for a beginner, it is a lot of work. It takes practice to get on the board and achieve your balance.

Then, it’s another thing to actually start propelling yourself and make the board move from point A to point B.

This is why paddle boarding is a great workout because it works multiple muscles. And this is what makes it very popular among fitness enthusiasts.

For the most part, it offers upper body training. According to Globo Surf, when you propel your board by paddling, it also helps improve your core strength. Your legs also get stronger and more toned by maintaining balance on the board.

But most importantly, paddle boarding is a low-intensity workout. It is fun, enjoyable, and fairly easy to do once you get started.

Thus, I highly recommend that you give this sport a try to reap all of its amazing benefits!

Getting Into Details: What Muscles Paddle Boarding Work

Now that you know the basics of what paddle boarding does, let’s discuss key details.

Here are the different muscles that paddle boarding work, so you know exactly what you are getting by performing this enjoyable activity.

1. Abdominal Muscles

If you want to improve your core, paddle boarding can help you with that.

Your abdominal muscles are working constantly from the moment you get on the board and maintain your balance up to the time you paddle and propel the board forward.

And it gets even better when you encounter more challenges in the water. As the water keeps rocking your board, you work harder to maintain a balanced and upright position. This is why it is perfect for flattening your tummy and getting strong in your core overall.

2. Biceps and Triceps

Another thing that paddle boarding is good for is in improving the muscles in your arms.

While you paddle, you are also working your biceps and triceps. To be more precise, the triceps are located on the back portion of the upper arms. As you straighten your arm while paddling, your triceps do the work.

As for your biceps, they are on the front of the arm. These muscles also work hard with every paddling that you make. And the tougher the water condition, the harder your muscles work. So, it is actually an outstanding arm workout while improving the rest of your muscles!

3. Shoulders

If your arms are doing the work while paddling, then you can count on the fact that your shoulders are doing the same!

What your shoulders do is that they help your upper body to pivot and move as the need arises. You will need to maneuver your arms with the paddle, as well as maintaining balance on the board.

Thus, it helps to do some shoulder workouts to boost the strength of this part of your body while paddle boarding. Some examples of workouts include lifting the paddle, dipping, and pulling it up constantly.

Over time, these things will get easier, allowing you to move faster without struggling to stay balanced.

4. Trapezius Muscles

These back muscles are activated well as you move on the board.

Your trapezius muscles are what allow you to move and twist your arms as needed. Additionally, there is the latissimus dorsi, which is another back muscle that is at work while paddling.

All of the muscles do intense workouts that strengthen your upper body and keep you balanced at the same time.

5. Leg Muscles

Of course, you can never do paddle boarding without strengthening your legs at the same time!

This is particularly true if you are doing a stand up paddle board since you need to maintain balance using your core and leg muscles.

Your thighs and calves get stronger and more toned as you move forward and stay in position. This is why if you want to do some leg work, paddle boarding is an excellent way to do it – plus, it’s fun and low-impact, too!

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Check out this great video on how to do paddle boarding and become better at it:

With all of these amazing benefits that paddle boarding offers, it is definitely an excellent activity to try. You can get better at it as you keep practicing and as your muscles become stronger with every moment you engage in this activity.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that paddle boarding is a must-try for anyone who wishes to get stronger and healthier.

After learning about what muscles does paddle boarding work, you now have a better idea of why it is an activity worth trying.

This is why it is very popular among those who want to combine fun with working out. Paddle boarding is a low-impact water sport while at the same time allowing you to improve the strength of your muscles. Give it a try today and reap all of these amazing health benefits!

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