What To Do With An Old Pop Up Camper – 3 Insanely Cool Things to Try

Wondering about what to do with an old pop up camper?

If you have that camper just lying around and looking like it has seen better days, it may be worth giving it a makeover!

After all, an old camper is still very much useful. With just a little bit of craftiness and a dash of style, you can make it look fantastic. And yes, maybe even better than ever.

So, have a look at these cool ideas on how you can get your camper back in shape. These are so very easy to do, too, which puts the fun in the whole task.

Keep reading, and you might just find the idea you’ve been searching for. Let’s get started!

3 Fun Ideas on What To Do With an Old Pop Up Camper

If you have an old pop up camper that’s waiting for a makeover, then that’s great. You have the first piece for this project.

You can begin the renovation when it is old – it does not need to retain its warranty. Do keep in mind that renovation projects void the manufacturer’s warranties. So, you will have to make sure if it is completely fine with you.

Now, if you are in the lookout for a used camper, you should be able to find one that’s so old and still in pristine condition. The exterior may seem a little shabby but everything else is fine such as the engine and so on.

Start with Some Basic Fabric Update

With an old and rusty pop up camper waiting to be improved, let’s begin with the easiest thing you can do: A fabric change.

Even if it is just 5 years old, your pop up can look a bit outdated. And if you happened to own one that’s from the 90s, then the style is definitely past its prime.

This is why the first thing you need to do is to change up the fabric – we’re talking about any surface that could use a more modern look such as the seats, bed, curtains, and the like.

Head over to your fabric or local craft store and check out the available fabric patterns they have. If the price is a little on the steep side, watch out for sales and be on the hunt for coupons to save some cash.

Also, you need to get measurements for the areas that would use a fabric re-do. It may be your dinette cushions, bunk curtains, and other cushions around. Determine the yardage required, so you won’t end up running short or buying in excess of what you need.

Even if you’re a sewing machine pro or not, you can definitely get the task of redoing fabric surfaces easily. There are some tutorials out there that may not even require any sewing, so you’re in the clear!

A Paint Job Can Go A Long Way

If you’ve been thinking about what to do with an old pop up camper, then here is a super easy tip:

Give it a new splash of color!

A paint job will instantly transform a “blah-looking” old camper into a gorgeous sight.

For this tip, you are free to choose the paint color you want. Just pick whatever strikes your fancy.

Some people go with trendy light-colored or pastel paint colors while others play it safe and opt for white.

Well, it’s your pop up, so you have free rein on what to do with the paint job! The only rule of thumb I can give you is to make sure it blends well with your new linens.

Another fun idea is chalkboard paint. It appears to be a trend in a pop up camper makeovers, which is awesome. You can paint the doors and surfaces of the under-dinette cupboards. Chalkboard paint is cute, and if you have young kids around, they will love doodling around on these surfaces.

Own Your Style

When it comes to styling up your pop up camper, it is completely up to you.

There is no better boss than you for a cool makeover, so make sure you trust your instincts.

Head over to craft stores and check out their available items for decorating your pop up. Maybe there are cool lamp shades or trinkets and the like that you think will look amazing in your camper.

Go with your gut feeling on whether these are perfect for your needs or not.

I would also recommend checking out coordinating bedding, garlands, and bunting, or throw pillows that would look really awesome in your own little abode.

But at the same time, you need to think practically. A cute and cozy space is nice for sure, but you also want to stick to functionality. You will be dealing, after all, with dirt, bugs, and all things about the wilderness. Thus, your style picks must be low-maintenance.

Visually-pleasing and functional items are your go-to for a great pop up makeover. Think of baskets, cute utensils, decor, and your good-old shelves.

These things not only beautify the space but they also serve the basic function of storing things and keeping the mess at bay in your cozy little nook.

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Bottom Line

If you want to know what to do with an old pop up camper, I hope you were to gain fun ideas in this post.

Giving a rusty pop up is always an intimidating project but it’s definitely fun and exciting!

Just think about how you can transform that camper into something beautiful while improving its overall value.

So, I hope you will give these ideas a try and create a cool masterpiece with your ride. It will make your stay in the pop up more worthwhile while unleashing your creative skills along the way, too!

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