When Do Bluegill Spawn in Wisconsin: The Answers Out!

In the state of Wisconsin, bluegills are one of the most popular in the area for its taste and fun challenge of catching. If you’re planning on heading to the area for some bluegill, your best chance is to go during their spawning season!

But when do bluegill spawn in Wisconsin anyway? It may be different compared to other states, so read on! I’ll be showing you the times you should be fishing for bluegill in the area based on their spawning seasons.

When Do Bluegill Spawn In Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, the best times to catch bluegill is during the months of late May and June. This is because bluegill begins to spawn at these times!

However, it’s common for bluegill to continue spawning until early August, depending on the water temperatures. They begin spawning once the water temperature ranges from 65 to 80 degrees F.

With that said, they are best caught when water temperatures range between 70 to 75 degrees F, which are the prime times and when the bluegills are out spawning most.

This is a bit later compared to other fish like crappie, who spawn once spring emerges from February to March. Crappie and panfish being to spawn when water temperatures reach over 50 degrees F. Bluegills prefer a warmer setting, choosing slack and quiet water outside others’ ways.

Weather is a major factor, besides water temperatures. Bluegills tend to begin spawning after two to three warm and sunny days with high humidity levels.

During and after thunderstorms (which may sometimes happen during May or June), bluegills will move out of the shallow nests. It will take a few days of sun to clear the shallow water for them to resume spawning and feeding. You will need to check the weather forecasts to ensure that it’s been sunny all week before you head on to the waters!

That’s why you’re better off catching bluegill during warmer weather as the water temperatures increase. When bluegills spawn or lay eggs, they are much easier to catch as long as you use the right gear and technique.

Where to Catch Spawning Bluegill In Wisconsin

where to catch spawning bluegill in wisconsin

Besides the factors mentioned above, you should also know where to catch bluegill the most!

They are usually found spawning in Lakes Waubesa, Kegonsa, Monona, and Wingra. Bluegills prefer areas that have firmer bottoms made with rubble and sand over muddy or silty areas.

When spawning, bluegills are found in a variety of waters, with their spawning beds in shallow waters. You can see it through saucer-shaped depressions when wearing polarized sunglasses.

The depressions can be around 3-5 feet underwater, or even up to 8 feet deep! You won’t be surprised to find bluegills spawning in areas up to three feet deep only, making them easier to catch.

However, take note that you may not get bites at times since bluegills’ priority isn’t feeding during these times. You need to find the proper technique to entice or provoke them to bite. Think of using the smallest bait with a no. 6 to 8 Aberdeen-style hook, especially if you’re aiming for bigger bluegills.

Also, you may want to aim for the early morning to late evening hours, when they tend to feed most during spawning season.

Fish for them the same way you would fish for bass, and be wary with how skittish they can get while spawning. As long as you are far from spawning beds and can cast further distances without making suspicious movements, then you can successfully catch more fish.

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Do you want to learn more about how to catch bluegill during their spawning season? Check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

As the weather warms in Wisconsin, the bluegills begin to come out to spawn! Late springtime to summer from May to August is when you will find bluegills spawning and feeding, especially when the water temperatures reach 75 degrees F. Just be sure to watch out for the weather forecast and prepare the right gear, and you’re good to go.

Hopefully, my article answers your question, “when do bluegill spawn in Wisconsin?” Now that you know the answer, start looking into the techniques and baits used for capturing bluegills!

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