When Is Fishing Season In Texas? The Answers to Learn About

If you’re planning to go fishing soon, you’ll need to prepare not only your equipment and skills. You also have to look into the state’s rules and regulations, learning when its fishing season is. Not only will this prevent any legal matters, but following the fishing seasons can help you catch even more fish.

But when is fishing season in Texas, exactly? Read on as I show you when you should begin fishing in Texas for good catches!

When Is Fishing Season In Texas?

The fishing season has two connotations, which are:

  • When it’s legal to fish
  • When it’s the best time to fish

The Legal Side Of Fishing Seasons

We will focus on the legal aspect first, with the fishing season set by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Fortunately in Texas, you can fish all year round, provided that you have the appropriate fishing licenses and endorsements for the waters you plan on fishing in. That means no matter the season, you’re good to fish!

However, you have to be wary with certain rules and guidelines, as the state has limitations on certain fish species and water activities. Just recently, there have been fishing regulation changes that took effect last September 1, 2019, and will last until August 31, 2020.

There are specific fishing seasons on certain fish species, with limitations depending on whether you’re going saltwater or freshwater fishing.

With saltwater fishing, there are limitations with how many fish you can get, such as the flounder, alligator gar, mullet, and red snapper.

As for freshwater fishing, there aren’t any special season-based restrictions, beyond alligator gar rules. There are more specific shrimping seasons to take note of as well, so be sure to do your research and be acquainted with what you can catch.

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The Best Fishing Season In Texas

best fishing season In texas

Now that you know the fishing season is all year round in Texas, when is the best time you should go?

This depends on the type of fish you want, as well as the area in Texas you plan to fish in. To maximize the fishing trip, you’ll want to go during your target fish species’ spawning and feeding seasons. This will require further studying of the fish species you want to get.

For example, the founder is most active after the passing of the first hard cold fronts come November. Most fish species are more popular and active come spring and fall after the winter season and/or summer heat subsides. With that said, you’re better off fishing mid-spring or the beginning of fall seasons.

If you want to catch redfish, speckled trout, or white bass though, you’re better off fishing during the summer or winter!

Again, you just need to have the appropriate fishing license and adhere to their regulations, from the number of fish to catch down to their length and weight. You can check Texas’ fishing rules and regulations changes here!

Do you want to learn more about what it’s like to fish in Texas? This informative video can help you out:

Wrapping It Up

Fishing seasons vary from state to state, depending on the weather and legalities. In Texas, you have to study not only when it’s legal to begin fishing, but the unlawful activities and areas where you are allowed to do so. By doing this, you aren’t having trouble with the law and can catch fish to take home without any issue.

I hope that this article answered your question, “when is fishing season in Texas?” Now that you know the answer, start planning your fishing trip around the appropriate times.

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