When Is The Best Season to Sell My RV for Profit?

Many people ask this question, but there is no safe answer. There are seasons when the market is bullish and when it’s bearish. The best time to sell RV for cash might be in the middle of a season or at the end of one before and after a season.

 Factors Affecting Rv’s Resale Value 

 1) Age and Mileage

RV salesmen and dealers say that age and mileage affect prices. That is true because newer RVs tend to have fewer problems, but years-old RVs are likely to bring higher prices simply because they are used to use.

 2) Maintenance

Maintenance costs affect the price of an RV. An RV with low maintenance returns will sell for a lower price than an RV with higher maintenance costs. However, a good investment in maintenance is always worth it.

 3) Condition

Before you sell the RV, consider your overall condition. Take care of your RV to keep it in excellent condition. Your potential buyers will appreciate it when they get great value for money. The condition of the RV is evaluated based on its overall state.

 4) Changes in Technology

The RV industry is an evolving one. For example, manufacturers always try to make the RV a more efficient, comfortable, and attractive venue for great trips. So new technology is constantly improving the RVs’ performance. A new product developed in the last few years can make your RV sell faster than older models. 

 5) Seasonality

The RV season is an important thing to consider when selling RVs. On average, a person buys a new RV in the spring and sells it in the fall. For this reason, salesmen say you need to sell during early summer or just after the spring season ends when people buy RVs for themselves and their families for vacation.

 Top 3 Tips to Make Money with an RV

What might be a good price for selling my RV? What are the factors that affect my RV’s resale value? With these questions on your mind, you can’t wait to sell your RV. To get the best value for your RV, consider these top 3 tips: 

 Tip 1: Be Realistic About the Price

When you’re selling an RV, think about how much it initially cost and how much money you have used to maintain it. Don’t be too greedy because others sell their RVs at higher prices.

 Tip 2: Check the Market

Always check the selling price of similar RVs in your area. You can check online or ask around, but it’s best to do both to be sure. If you don’t find any RVs in your area, look at a few neighboring cities. This way, you can get a good idea about how much your RV is worth and how much you can earn from it before making any decisions.

 Tip 3: Improve its Value

If your RV doesn’t sell within the first couple of months, it’s time for you to improve its value. Upgrade the RV to keep it from becoming obsolete. You can use this opportunity to do more upgrades to increase its value when it goes up for sale later. 


The price of an RV is highly influenced by the season, like a stock. At the beginning of each season, demand for new RVs is low because people are just starting and want to buy used ones already in the market. The RV industry has traditionally been about two seasons ahead. That means that for two years, we have been expecting a higher demand for used RVs in mid-year than at the peak of an RV season.

Selling an RV is not easy, but it’s not difficult either. The best times to sell your RV are when the market is expanding and contracting. In addition to the economic conditions, supply and demand also affect the resale value of your RV. 

The RV market tends to have high variability; thus, there is no accurate way to sell your vehicle. But the key is to be patient and remain flexible. RV resale prices change every year, especially in the Midwest. The prices vary according to the conditions of the economy and national weather conditions.

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