Where To Catch Crawfish In Texas? Boost Your Catch With These Tips!

Have you ever wondered where to catch crawfish in Texas?

Perhaps it is your favorite crustacean of all time, and you’re craving a big plate of these tasty treats.

Or you are probably looking for a fun activity to do with the family or some angler friends.

No matter what you have in mind, you have definitely come to the right spot. Today, we feature these tips on how and where to catch crawfish in this part of the world. Find out the best time of the year, the right tools to use, and you can pretty much guarantee to have a huge crawfish feast afterwards!

Quick Facts About Crawfish

Crawfish, crawdads, crayfish… No matter what you call them, they are still the same 10-legged, tiny crustaceans found in various parts of the world.

In Texas, catching crawfish is a fun and enjoyable activity, which involves the use of certain traps, fishing poles, or your good old bare hands.

Catching crawfish is just one part of the fun. The most exciting part is feasting on these tasty marine delicacies. Or, you can bring a couple of these cuties back home and keep them as your pet.

Either way, you only need to make sure that it is legal to catch crawfish where you are. And in you happen to be in Texas, it is most certainly legal to do so.

Catching Crawfish – Know the When and Where of Crawfishing

If you happen to be in Texas, it’s worth noting that there is such a thing as a traditional season for catching crawfish and some unlikely period to bag some of these creatures.

Generally, the best time of the year to catch them is in the early Spring or right before summer. March and April are two of the perfect months to try to catch crawfish when the water is in its optimal temperature.

But it also depends on when winter ends. Sometimes, late winter can still keep the waters cold, which then delays the crawfish season. It is simply much too chilly for these crustaceans, so they stay burrowed somewhere warm and comfortable.

On the other hand, the early summer cuts crawfish seasons short because it is simply too hot for them. Thus, they go into their cozy mud burrows and stay nice and cool.

Also, droughts are bad news to crawfishing enthusiasts. Without ample water, crawfish won’t reproduce, grow, or survive, even.

Crawfish Farming in Texas

Because of the changing weather conditions in Texas, some people have resorted to crawfish farming to have a good supply of these crustaceans several times a year.

In fact, these farms enable folks to get their crawfish fix from as early as January to as late as August. But then again, this still depends on the weather and the producer.

But if what you want is to catch the biggest and the best crawfish you can find, then by all means time it during March and April. At these times, the crawfish should be bigger and fatter.

If you try to catch them too early, expect them to be woefully tiny. Wild-caught crawfish during January to February are usually about this small.

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Where to Catch Crawfish in Texas… And Tips!

After knowing the time and season for crawfish, let’s get started with the tools, techniques, and perfect spot to go crawfishing. Stick around to learn more about these tips for crawfishing success!

1. Catching Crawfish with Bait and String.

When it comes to crawfishing, the best techniques include bait catching and using a string to catch these marine goodies.

You will need your fishing rod, some bait, and a durable fishing line.

Using your fish hook, secure the bait to your line. You can also use a safety pin for this as it helps to make sure that you have your bait nicely secure.

Lower your bait and jiggle into the water. Ideally, keep it about an inch or two from the bottom. Wait a bit until you feel something tugging on your string. Instead of pulling the line swiftly out of the water, be sure to move it closer to the shore.

This way, you can prevent your crawfish from slipping away in case they release themselves from the bait.

2. Use Traps to Catch Crawfish.

You may either use a closed or an open trap. Either way, they make it easier to catch a ton of crawfish with the least amount of time and effort.

Open traps are simply collapsible nets with an opening on one end. On the other hand, closed traps have a funnel that lets the crawfish enter but are unable to escape.

We advise that you stay away from square traps since these tend to get caught on various objects under the water. You are better off with conical or even cylindrical traps that are under 4 foot long, wide, and deep.

If you are using traps, you need to put a bait inside. There are some traps that come with a hook that allows you to place the bait. This helps to attract more crawfish.

For open traps, it is important to leave them in the water for hours. Closed traps, on the other hand, can stay in the water overnight. If you get lucky enough, you may be able to find yourself with 15 to as much as 20 lbs of crawfish inside your trap!

3. Catch By Hand.

This is the least complicated, yet tricky among the other two ways on how to catch crawfish.

The only real danger with this technique is that crawfish has sharp claws. So, you need to be very careful when picking them up, or you run the risk of being poked by them!

Best Places to Catch Crawfish in Texas

best places to catch crawfish in texas

If you wish to catch crawfish without any tools except your bare hands, then you need to be at the right time and at the right place.

The best place to go to is in a creek or pond where there’s a concentrated number of crawfish. They prefer to hide under vegetation and rocks, specifically in shallower portions of the water.

Simply wade into shallow water and check for rocks that may be a good hiding spot for crawfish. Don’t lift the rock too quickly, as it can easily startle crawfish and cause them to move away.

Slowly and carefully lift the rock, pick up the crawfish and put it into your bucket. You can also use a stick to let it walk into the direction when you want it to get with the opening of the bucket waiting to catch it.

Overall, crawfish prefers slow-moving or still water. The more vegetation there is, the better. They may also be hiding in a deep hole or the bank in the middle of the lake, pond, or river.

As for the best time to go crawfishing, it is without a doubt at night. Crawfish are mostly active during night time because they are nocturnal creatures. Others go out at dusk and keep their traps in the water and gather them at day.

With all things said and done, pick the technique that works for you best but be sure to choose the right location and time of the day (or night). Then, you can expect to get an abundance of crawfish with as little effort as possible!

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