Where To Shoot A Coyote With A .22

If you live in an area of the world that is blessed with plenty of dense, beautiful forests and bushes, chances are that you’ve seen a coyote or two. Chances of this are even higher if your home is located off the beaten path or on the outskirts of a major city in one of these areas.

If this is the case, then you very well could have livestock that a coyote would find to be an appealing snack, which is more than likely something that either is or could become a problem. It’s a good idea to know how best to handle a coyote problem, which, according to many sources, is by investing in a .22.

But, the question is, where to shoot a coyote with a .22?

Where To Shoot a Coyote With a .22


The head shot is a classic shot for both hunters and those defending their land from predators like coyotes. This is because a well placed headshot is almost always fatal. However, the problem is that the brain is a small target on a small animal, which can make it hard to hit with enough accuracy to fatally wound the coyote in question


When hit in the lungs, any animal will go down — including a coyote. If you hit both lungs, the animal will die nearly instantly but if you manage to graze only one lung, they can survive for a surprisingly long time as the remaining lung fights to keep them alive by taking over for the injured lung.

Lung shots give you a larger target than the headshot, which can be beneficial if you’re a beginner or if you’re not confident in your abilities.

What Makes Using A .22 More Effective?

To ensure that your .22 takes down the coyote in question, it’s a good idea to be as close to the target as possible. The closer you are when your bullet strikes, the more force will be behind it, increasing the chances of an instant or near-instant kill.

Additionally, it’s ideal if your coyote is standing still. This, of course, is easier said than done as coyotes rarely stand still. But if the opportunity presents itself, it’s recommended to take it.

Why Use A .22 To Take Down Coyotes?

Using a .22 for hunting coyotes, regardless of your reason why, is a great idea because not only are .22s sturdy little guns, but they’re also affordable. Many models can be purchased for under $200, with their ammo selling for dirt cheap prices — even with today’s inflated prices.

This makes it easy to practice your marksmanship during small-game season without spending a ton on expensive ammo for larger, more substantial shotguns that you’d use for big game.

If you’re hoping to butcher your coyote or skin it, using a .22 is beneficial because it is a shotgun that does little damage to the flesh of the animal being shot. They are also incredibly discreet, being both lightweight and relatively quiet in the grand scheme things.

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These firearms are a great option for coyote hunting. They are lightweight, quiet, and affordable, and are ideal for preserving as much of the coyote’s flesh and skin as possible.

Killing a coyote with a .22 can be difficult, but it can be made easier by aiming for the animal when it’s standing still or within close range. When you do aim for the animal, go for either a head or lung shot — whichever you’re most confident that you can accurately hit without needing to fire off too many subsequent shots or having the coyote get away.

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