Where To Shoot A Turkey With A .22 – Pro Tips For Excellent Results

We have come across the question, “Where to shoot a turkey with a .22” quite too often.

And so, we would like to discuss this further, especially for those who need some tips on how to get the best results using this type of rifle.

By doing so, you can achieve success while hunting without finding yourself in tough situations, especially when it comes to legally using this type of rifle.

Let’s get started.

Where To Shoot A Turkey With A .22

First of all, is it possible to hunt a turkey down with a .22?

There is no single answer to this question as there are a few factors you need to consider first.

To begin with, you need to be familiar with state laws involving hunting turkeys with a specific weapon. Many states, for instance, do not approve of hunting turkeys using a .22. There are very few states that allow using a rifle for hunting turkeys. But most often than not, it is only allowed during hunting season in the fall.

You may want to think twice when using a .22 when hunting turkeys for a few important reasons.

First, you need to make sure that it is legal in the state where you live. Be sure to consult the Fish And Game Department in your state before you make any decision. In New York, for example, hunting turkeys using a rifle is considered illegal.

Furthermore, there is a risk of wounding the turkey instead of killing it with a .22 rifle. Typically, this type of rifle is something you use for smaller game such as squirrels and rabbits. It is not quite the right caliber for killing a turkey just by the looks of the a.22 round.

Hunters must be ethically responsible when it comes to hunting animals. The worst possible thing you can do to an animal as a hunter is shooting and wounding them – and yet, they are unable to recover. This is the likely scenario when using a.22 in hunting turkeys.

And lastly, rifle rounds are dangerous. You run the risk of hurting other things – and even people – with this weapon. Rifle rounds tend to travel farther distances than the average shotgun rounds. This is why there are more risks involved with it.

As an example, you may run the risk of causing injury – or worse, killing – a fellow turkey hunter that may be heavily camouflaged. When the bullet travels on public land, then you may unfortunately hurt a civilian instead of the turkey.

Shooting A Turkey With a.22 Rifle – Where To Do It

shooting a turkey with a.22 rifle

Once you have clarified whether a.22 is legal to use in the state where you plan on hunting – and assuming that it is legal – then you need to know where you should use it.

There are important places to shoot a turkey with this rifle. These include the head and broadside vitals.

If you intend to shoot the turkey in the head, then this can end up in a quick, sure, and clean kill.

However, these animals are known for moving quickly and constantly. The movement can even be a random pattern. This is why ensuring a clean shot in the head can be tough – even for experts.

Thus, you may want to aim for vitals. The base of the neck can produce a clean kill with a.22 rifle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We also would like to address the commonly asked questions when using a.22 when shooting a turkey.

1. What is the best ammo to use?

Experts recommend the no. 5 to 6 shots. These are best to use for turkeys to produce a clean and quick kill.

2. What other options do you have aside from a.22 when hunting turkeys?

Typically, a.22 is for small game such as raccoons, squirrels, and rabbits. Turkeys can be hunted with a.22, too, but you may have better luck with a shotgun. It is also beginner-friendly to use, and there are several accessories you can add for a more consistent and clean shot, especially when the target is in range.

Other hunters may also opt to use crossbows. While it is more difficult to use, there are some people who are more accustomed to using this weapon when hunting turkeys.

3. How to use the a.22 when hunting a turkey?

When you use a rifle, you will notice that the head of your target appears to be too small. This is why it is tougher to use this as your aimpoint – particularly when you are at a longer range. A better aimpoint would be a broadside shot. We suggest aiming for the area where the wind comes into contact with the body.

The target’s vital area is your best aim, but it also depends on the position of your turkey. Segmented rounds are another option as it only needs an inch or two of penetration if you shoot from the rear for you to reach the turkey’s vitals. Hence, it is great for game birds such asa turkey.

Bottom Line

So, should you use a.22 in shooting turkey? Well, it depends on whether you are able to produce a clean shot by knowing the right places to shoot.

If your state allows the use of a.22 in hunting turkeys, then you should be fine. Just make sure you shoot your target either in the head or core vitals. This way, you can ensure a clean kill and avoid wreaking havoc to your target by wounding it and not really killing it ethically.

We hope this post helped to answer your question on where to shoot a turkey with a.22 – so be sure to know your state’s laws on using this weapon and we wish you a successful hunting experience!

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