What Is the Best Time of Year to Catch Skipjack?

Skipjack herring is one of the popular tuna species that would roam open gulf streams in large schools. They will always search for food and since they travel in larger groups, they make a great catch! They are fairly easy to catch as long as you know the best time of year to catch skipjack.

So when should you schedule your fishing trip? Read on as I show you how to catch skipjack properly.

When Is the Best Time of Year to Catch Skipjack?

Skipjack herring are inhabitants of surface and midwater areas, usually found in rivers, large streams, and reservoirs. They also migrate in both upstream and/or downstream in rivers, while some would enter the sea.

But even if you know where to find them and what lures to use, it won’t do you good if you’re not her eon time. So when exactly is the best time for you to catch the most skipjack?

Fortunately, skipjack is available all year round, though the frequency and numbers vary per month and season. They are also available in most types of waters and in many states, which is why many fishermen aim to catch them.

Large numbers of adult skipjacks would congregate during late March and early April. This is ONE of the best times to find them in their usual areas for spawning seasons. You can also find younger skipjack at this time, though they are usually alone and more widely distributed.

However, that is only the beginning of the spawning season! The best time you should be there by the waters for skipjack is between May to August, as spring ends and when summer begins. This is because the waters will start to warm up, with more fish species getting ready for spawning and feeding in shallower and midwater.

During the spring and fall season, it’s still possible to find a few skipjacks around. However, they won’t be around as frequently and will mostly go to deeper waters during the winter.

When catching skipjack, you’re best off using the trolling technique with feathers as the bait. Do take note that while they usually don’t weigh over 20 pounds, they are quick and will fight, so be prepared to exert more effort in reeling them in!

Are you still wondering about how to catch skipjack more successfully? Here is an excellent video to help you out:

Wrapping It Up

Skipjack is always available for you to catch and will make delicious meat. As long as you know when and where to catch them, you will have no problem and won’t go home empty-handed. The next things to focus on are the lures and strategies you should follow to attract them better!

I hope that my article answers your question on the best time of year to catch skipjack. Plan out your next fishing trip accordingly to ensure that you have success and bring home more tuna!

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