When is the Best Time to Trout Fish In Colorado?

When it comes to fishing for trout in Colorado, an important aspect is to know WHEN to fish! You wouldn’t want to go fishing during the off-season when there won’t be anything to bite your bait. But when is theist time to trout fish in Colorado, anyway?

Read on as I talk about the times of year and day you should fish for trout in the area for higher chances of success!

The Best Time to Trout Fish In Colorado

The best time to fish for trout in Colorado depends on three major aspects:

  • The time of year
  • Time of day
  • Temperature

Fortunately in Colorado, trout is accessible all year-round, but there will be some days (or months) when you won’t have as many bites. These are the things you can expect to happen with trout fishing in Colorado over the seasons:

Spring Awakens

Since trout are just about to come out after winter and snowmelt, expect then to remain in the bottom of the waters. It’s still possible to fish for trout during the early spring, with trout feeding for longer periods due to their rest during winter.

However, people say that late spring is the absolute best time to catch trout when you’re most likely to get larger trout. This is because the weather begins to warm, along with the waters. And once Mother Nature warms up, that’s the time to begin fishing.

Summer Season

While late spring is considered to be the best time to catch trout, they forget summer! Water is much colder in spring compared to summer, which has trout feeling more lethargic. That’s why you’ll get more bites to come July to September, especially during the height of the trout spawning season.

Trout will start feeding more as spring turns to summer, though be wary. Just like us humans, trout feel uncomfortable when under the scorching heat, which is why the day and temperature is another important factor to consider.

Fall and Winter

The temperature begins to drop come October to November, and you can still expect some trout to pop up, though not as much as summer. Think of it as trout preparing for winter, still feeding but in fewer numbers.

During the months of December to February, you can still catch some trout. This is because fish are still hungry and there will be fewer crowds and competition. Be wary though, as the extreme cold will have them feel lethargic, feeding less and hiding more.

If you do plan on fishing during these months, then you’ll need to fish wiser with proper equipment, techniques, and a good spot. You can find them in much deeper crevices.

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The Temperature and Time of Day

the temperature and time of day

You shouldn’t only depend on the month and season, but the exact time of day you plan to go trout fishing.

This will also depend on the water temperature, with trout actively feeding in waters between 34 to 67 degrees F. It’s best to take water temperatures hourly so you know when to take your cast. This is usually between 9 AM to 5 PM.

It’s also important to take note that trout do not have eyelids, nor can they dilate their pupils. As a result, they need to seek cover during the extreme sunlight, avoiding the bright light. The best time to fish is during cloudy days while the water temperature stays optimum.

You’re better off fishing for trout either before dusk or after sunset, even during the full moon when trout are out.

If you want to learn more about fishing for trout in Colorado, check out this helpful video:

Wrapping It Up

Trout fishing in Colorado is fun to do, but you can only get a great catch if you time your trip right! Just like most fish species, trout are more likely to come out as the weather and water warmth. This is during the spring to the summer season, so be sure to watch out for that with excellent fishing gear.

I hope that this article showed you the best time to trout fish in Colorado. Now that you know when you should go, schedule and plan out your fishing trip accordingly.

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