When Do Bass Spawn In California? Your Guide Here!

When do bass spawn in California and why is it so important to know about it anyway? If you’re a novice angler, then you’ll be surprised to know that bass spawn season is actually one of the strong pillars in bass fishing. When you understand when bass spawn in your area, it can help you understand their activities and patterns for the next months.

So read on as I show you when bass spawn in California based on the months and seasons of the year.

When Do Bass Spawn In California?

bass spawn In california

Bass will spawn during different times and months, depending on two things: The area you’re fishing in and the temperature!

In California, this would typically happen once winter clears out, and spring arrives, just when the water begins to heat up. This can happen as early as February to March, or as late as April, all depending on the water’s temperature.

To put it into more detail, there are three phases of the season to study so you know exactly when bass will spawn.

Pre spawn

This happens during early spring, as bass will move up from deeper waters as the water temperature reaches 45 degrees. The bass metabolism will soon speed up at these times, preparing for the spawning season ahead. They will start feeding heavily, as, during the two weeks of spawning, they won’t be feeding at all!

This is when you can begin fishing, happening as early as February in southern areas!

The Actual Spawn Season

Bass will spawn when the water temperature reaches between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. This typically happens between March to May.

They will go to shallow and protected areas for spawning. However, take note that lakes, particularly larger ones, won’t warm up uniformly.

With that said, not all bass spawn simultaneously. You need to check the weather and water temperature for the day, as well as choose where to fish properly. You’ll see these fish most in the warmest and most protected sections of a lake.

You’re able to catch more bass during this time, as they are more aggressive and protective. It’s best to focus on mid-range fish, and you can catch more females this way. However, expect to put up a bit of a fight as bass will assault different species and baits seeing it as a threat more than food.

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The bass will finish spawning as spring closes and summer arrives. You may still find some bass spawning during early summer, though!

Females will leave males to guard their fry, and you can find females in deeper waters while males continue to be protective near the nest.

Bass will spend about two weeks recuperating and feeding right after, so catching them is a hit and miss. You are more likely to catch are bass during summer as the waters really warm up, though bigger bass will be in deeper waters.

Once the spawning season completes, bass will now become the predator again, with other species just beginning their spawning cycles.

Do you want to learn more about bass spawning in California? Check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

While it may not seem as important as you’d think, you need to learn fish spawning season! This can help you find out when more of your chosen fish come nearer to the shore for more activity and bites. With bass in California, you’re better off fishing during their spawn season, which happens during springtime, usually!

I hope that this article answered your question, “when do bass spawn in California?” Now that you know the answer, start looking into your fishing trip schedule now.

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