Can You Lose Weight Paddle Boarding? The Answers Here!

I know many of us are looking into different ways we can shed the pounds, and exercise is one of the key components to doing so. And if you’re wondering what kind of exercise you can do, you may want to try paddle boarding.

For those wondering, “can you lose weight paddle boarding?”, it is absolutely possible as long as you do it correctly! The question is… How?

Read on as I show you more about how one can lose weight paddle boarding.

Can You Lose Weight Paddle Boarding?

Paddle boarding is an amazing workout that works on your muscles while burning calories for weight loss. But how many calories would you burn when paddle boarding?

That depends on what you’re doing when paddle boarding, as you can be racing, doing yoga, fishing, or all-around paddling. Whatever activity you perform though, it is a healthy choice.

Your experience level also plays a part in the calorie burn. For intermediate and advanced paddlers, you can burn a lot of calories when paddle boarding. But if you are a beginner still struggling and practicing keeping your balance, then you won’t burn as many calories… YET!

To burn a lot of calories and lose weight in paddle boarding, you need to learn and master the correct paddling technique and maintain your balance well. Once you do, you can now burn a ton of calories, build strength, and lose weight!

On average, you can burn between 330-460 calories an hour when recreational paddle boarding, which is twice the amount you’ll burn compared to walking around your neighborhood. This is for average and recreational all-around paddle boarding done on calm water with light winds.

Meaning, that number can go higher, even going between 620-745 calories an hour when you are surfing. When SUP surfing, you are performing cross-training and is considered a form of cardio, with a higher calorie burn as the waves get more intense.

As for performing yoga, you can burn between 410-530 calories, while improving your balance and flexibility as you engage your core. With touring, you are performing paddling at a faster pace, so you can burn between 610-700 calories an hour. Racing is even better, as this is a form of cardio that can burn between 720-1,130 calories an hour as you compete!

You can even burn calories while fishing, though not as much compared to the other activities. Expect to burn about 135-430 calories an hour when fishing.

Take note that these are just the average numbers burned and that you may have a different calorie burn compared to others based on individual factors (which I’ll mention below). With that in mind, you can track the exact amount of calories you burn paddle boarding with a fitness watch.

Other Factors Affecting Your Calorie Burn

What’s great about paddle boarding is that it’s a very simple exercise that helps you burn calories while building full-body strength. So you don’t only have a chance to lose weight, you can also tone your body and look amazing as you paddle board, too!

Besides the activity level and your experience, other factors influence your calorie burn while paddle boarding, such as:

  • Your overall fitness level and paddle boarding fitness levels
  • The water conditions
  • Your paddling technique and the efficiency
  • How intense your session is
  • Your weight and body fat percentage
  • Your age and metabolism

But you shouldn’t think too much about this. If you have the goal of burning as many calories as you can per session, then you need to train harder to master and be comfortable paddle boarding, using the correct technique, and begin as intense as you can while staying safe.

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Keep in Mind

While it is possible to lose weight while paddle boarding, there is more to weight loss than the exercise itself. Paddle boarding isn’t a guarantee that you will lose weight, as this would also depend on your lifestyle habits, the food you eat, the other activities you perform, as well as your genetics!

You will need to be burning more calories than you consume, and paddle boarding does a great job in that. But you still have to make sure you eat healthier and with fewer portions than you usually would.

So stay consistent with your workout routine, start meal prepping with more lean meats and veggies in mind, and you can definitely lose weight while paddle boarding. All this while reaping health benefits from exercising, too.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Paddle Boarding

You can lose a lot of weight with a consistent diet and better calorie burn. Here is how you can get the best workout you can while paddle boarding:

  • Check your form and paddle from the core, not from your arms. You can do this by bending your knees slightly for better balance, looking straight ahead as you paddle, and using your back muscles.
  • Build momentum as you paddle, focusing on the way you distribute energy on your paddle board. Doing this can help you avoid wasting your strength trying to just keep moving.
  • Learn and master the proper paddling technique. Don’t only use your arms, but your back muscles and shoulders as you keep the shoulders straight. Also, twist your core, turning your shoulders using force, with long and powerful strokes.

Wrapping It Up

Paddle boarding offers a ton of amazing benefits, including weight loss! As long as you do it correctly and really engage your muscles as you do it, you’ll have fun as you burn more calories. You won’t get stressed compared to other higher impact exercises AND get to explore the beauty of the waters!

Hopefully, my article answered your question, “can you lose weight paddle boarding?” Let this information inspire you to begin losing weight through this fun water activity now!

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