Creek Boat Vs River Runner – Which One Should You Get?

If you can’t decide on the type of boat for you, this creek boat vs river runner side by side comparison can clear away any confusion for you.

There are hundreds of choices when it comes to boats, yet you want to buy just one.

So, how can you possibly choose when they all seem the same… Or at least, you think they are!

Whether you are looking for a second boat or your very first watercraft, I highly recommend that you stick around. Today, you’ll learn which boat is suitable for you based on the different features, and pros and cons of each. Let’s dive right into it!

Creek Boat Vs River Runner – Design Basics

When buying a boat, you need to determine what type of water you want to paddle in.

Are you more into a downriver paddler or someone who’s up for recreational or leisure paddling?

If you enjoy big water, waves, and surfing, then a river runner is for you. It’s perfect for catching eddies and paddling in down-river speeds.

But if you are the type who prefers technical whitewater, a creek boat will suit your fancy.

For the most part, both a river runner and a creek boat work for downriver paddling. However, there is a huge difference between the two, although they are often interchanged and confused to be the same.

In terms of the design, a creek boat is 8 feet on a minimum. The bottom is round and the rocker is pretty high. If you want a boat that can handle drops, this one won’t disappoint.

You can count on a creek boat to run steeper and tighter white water easily.

On the other hand, a river runner is 7 feet long, sometimes 8 feet. Avid surfers will find this boat a great match for their thirst for adventure and catching waves.

With its reasonable length, you can get some tracking in the river’s longer and flatter section. But when it comes to making those tight turns, it does not quite do the job, unlike a creek boat.

Creek Boat Vs River Runner Features

These two boats are very much different from each other, despite the fact that they are both for whitewater use.

A creek boat has a high-volume deck, high rocker, and perfect for low volume run. You can also expect it to work well for steep white water. If you want comfort – and lots of it – creek boats have plenty to offer.

Moreover, creeks are quite robust, durable, and capable of big drops. But if you are just starting out with paddling, do take note that creek boats are not for newbies.

As for a river runner, it is shorter than a creek boat. There is a little volume deck, and it works for a high volume run. The rocker is shorter, and it can handle a long and flat portion of the river.

In terms of speed, river runners are slower due to the small rocker. However, it is a sporty boat due to the stern and thin bow.

Stability-wise, a river runner ranks high up in that department. It is easier to maneuver and offers ample storage space. But I don’t recommend that you experiment on making tight turns with this bad boy – the length does not suffice for performing this task.

Getting into the Nitty Gritty of Boat Features

Let us talk about the rocker and how it impacts the boat’s performance.

The rocker is basically the curvature of the hull toward the stern and the bow. All boats have a rocker but they don’t have the same kind.

In the case of a higher rocker, the effective waterline is shorter. What this means is that the boat is not as fast.

But with a lower rocker and longer effective waterline, boats can run faster. Yet, the difficulty is in turning. They are less efficient in making turns, which is why they are best for dealing with larger waves.

If your boat has a higher rocker, they run slowly but turn with so much ease. This is why when placed in a technical whitewater situation, these boats should have no problem at all. Maneuverability is excellent, which is all that matters, anyway. In this scenario, the ease of turning is what counts and not speed.

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If you are new to creek boats, here is a helpful video that teaches you how to get in and out of your creek boat. Pretty solid kayaking tips right here!

What is the Right Boat to Buy – Creek Boat Vs River Runner

Creek boats and river runners are both fun boats to try for those who are looking to take paddling quite seriously.

But these are entirely different boats with unique features, which makes it tough for any buyer to decide which one to get.

If you are a pro and experienced paddler, though, I highly recommend a creek boat for you. It is the best choice if your goal is to surf and catch waves on white water. Plus, this is a faster boat that can handle steep and low volume runs.

But if you want volume and speed, then a river runner is your best bet. While it may be slower than a creek boat, there are benefits to it. For instance, it offers greater stability, which makes it suitable for the novice paddler.

It is also advisable for taking on a river’s long flat water.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, your choice of buying a boat depends on your goal, skill level, and preferences.

After checking out this creek boat vs river runner comparison, you should be able to determine the perfect boat for your needs.

It is all a matter of determining what your purpose is for buying a boat including your preferred area to use it and how experienced you are in paddling.

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