How to Catch Nightcrawlers With Electricity: A Quick Guide!

If there’s one type of universal bait that can entice most fish species, it’s a nightcrawler. These worms aren’t just great bait, but they are also very accessible, either bought or caught on your own. You can even find them in your own garden and use electricity to hunt for them!

But how can you do this properly? Read on to learn how to catch nightcrawlers with electricity successfully and more information about this method here!

Why Use Electricity For Catching Nightcrawlers?

why use electricity for catching nightcrawlers

The reason why nightcrawlers (or any other worm) would come out of their shelter is that something disturbs them. Traditionally, people get worms by fiddling sticks to send vibrations underground, wait for rain, or even pour safe substances like mustard to irritate worms.

However, people have begun getting interested in using electricity when catching them. After all, just like any animal, they do NOT like electricity and getting shocked, so they retreat to the surface for comfort. Or, the pulsating current may simulate heavy rainstorms, which is also what drives them up the surface.

Either way, it’s effective when done right. Electric currents send the worms scurrying to the surface so you won’t have to dig or use any other tedious task to get them. You won’t catch as huge quantity of worms, but it’s an easier method that won’t get your hands dirty or take an entire day.

The only drawback to using this method is that worms will have a shorter life expectancy, living for only about a week or less. That’s why you need to schedule your worm hunt at a right time and make sure they are in a good habitat after they’re caught so you can keep them alive in time for your fishing trip.

How to Catch Nightcrawlers With Electricity

Using a car battery is a very effective method in electrocuting worms for them to come out of their homes.

Prepare the following materials:

  • One car battery
  • Two long metal rods
  • Jumper cables
  • Rubber sole boots and rubber gloves for your protection

Follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the area by wetting the soil, using a water hose if your soil isn’t wet yet. Pound the two metal rods about three feet underground, in a soil area where there is bound to be a few nightcrawlers. Make sure they are between four to six feet apart and standing upright.
  2. Put on your rubber gloves and attach your car battery to the jumper cables, then attach the cables to the metal rods. Be sure to use the black clamp to the battery’s negative end, and the red one to the positive end.
  3. Switch on the car battery and allow it to run for a few seconds. You will notice that worms will start popping up, a way to get out of the electricity felt underneath the soil. Wait for about half an hour, then disconnect the battery and jumper cables from the rods.
  4. Start collecting the worms, which will be around the area with metal rods, wearing rubber sole boots and gloves to protect yourself from any electric shock. Continue to get as many nightcrawlers as you need and place them in a bucket with paper towels, which will offer insulation they need.

If ever you see a decline in worms popping up to the surface, head on to a different area and repeat the steps above. Continue doing so until you have enough worms. Also, be sure that you wear your rubber boots and gloves the entire time to prevent any injuries!

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Extra Tips For More Nightcrawlers

Do you want to learn more about how to increase your chances of getting worms using electricity? Here are the extra tips you can follow:

  • Start catching nightcrawlers at night with a flashlight in hand, typically two hours after sunset. This is the time when worms are out and most active and looking for mates, so you have better chances of getting more nightcrawlers compared to doing so during the day.
  • You should also check the temperatures, with worms being most active during nighttime temperatures between 55-65 degrees F. That’s why you’re most likely to get more worms during the spring and early summer!
  • Select the right spot, typically in good-draining and healthy lawns in your own backyard or under landscape pavers, woodpiles, or items sitting on top of the soil for long periods. Nightcrawlers are most likely found in lawns that are mowed short, and it’s pretty easy looking for them in short grasses. Search around loose soil as well, such as gardens and flower beds.
  • Remember that you are still handling electricity, which is very dangerous even with the right protection. So set up your car battery in an area where no one is around and place it on a dry surface. Avoid doing this method while it’s raining, which can injure you! You may want to try it AFTER a spring rain when nightcrawlers are most likely above ground.
  • Some people would use several car batteries and rig it to a dolly, which saves more time. Do NOT use any AC grid directly, as it can be too strong, killing the worms and its habitat.

Do you want to learn more about how to catch nightcrawlers? There are also other methods you can follow, and this informative video can show you more information on it:

Wrapping It Up

There’s nothing like catching your own bait for your next fishing trip, and you can start off with nightcrawlers! By using electricity, you won’t have to get on your knees to find them, which can take hours and a lot of patience. Just be careful when using this method, and you can find a lot of worms to use as bait within an hour.

I hope that this article on how to catch nightcrawlers with electricity helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and begin following these steps today.

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