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beef liver for catfish bait

Is Beef Liver For Catfish Bait A Great Idea or Not?

You’ve probably come across some people saying that beef liver for catfish bait is worth it. But then again, you ask yourself - is it, really? Or are there better baits to use for catfish? We are...
how to keep shad alive

How To Keep Shad Alive – Little-Known Tips Guaranteed to Work!

Knowing how to keep shad alive is an important thing to learn when you’re an avid angler. Everyone knows that shad is an excellent bait fish. You can use it to catch a number of...
how to catch shad without a cast net

How To Catch Shad Without A Cast Net – Expert Tips and Techniques

Have you ever wanted to know how to catch shad without a cast net? If you have been looking for ways to boost your catch, then you have come to the right place. Catching shad is...
using shrimp for catfish bait

Using Shrimp For Catfish Bait: Why and How to Use Shrimp Effectively

Catfish is a well sought after species because of how common they are in freshwater, as well as how easy they are to catch! However, you can only get successful catches if you choose...
how to freeze catalpa worms

5 Simple and Easy Steps on How to Freeze Catalpa Worms

Learning how to freeze Catalpa worms sounds complex but… It’s actually pretty simple once you know the basics! By freezing these worms, you can always guarantee a fresh supply of good quality bait for your next...
is fishing with corn illegal in texas

Is Fishing With Corn Illegal in Texas? Learn the Law Before Fishing!

A lot of anglers like to look into different kinds of effective bait to lure fish in. One of the more popular ones today is corn, which is cost-effective and easy to use. That's...
how to keep herring alive

How to Keep Herring Alive For Fresher Bait and Better Catches

Herring makes a great choice of bait if you want to entice larger fish, which is why anglers tend to target this baitfish for later use. However, you’ll want to use herring as bait...
how to keep shiners alive overnight

How to Keep Shiners Alive Overnight For Your Fishing Trip

Shiners are one of the most common and popular baits to use to attract a lot of large fish. To attract such gamefish though, you will need to keep the shiners alive until your...
how to keep creek chubs alive

How to Keep Creek Chubs Alive to Use As Effective Bait

Creek chubs are known as larger minnows and are usually used as bait to catch larger fish like the kingfisher or largemouth bass. You can also keep them as pets, as they adapt well...
how to catch nightcrawlers with electricity

How to Catch Nightcrawlers With Electricity: A Quick Guide!

If there’s one type of universal bait that can entice most fish species, it’s a nightcrawler. These worms aren’t just great bait, but they are also very accessible, either bought or caught on your...