How To Hunt Rabbits With A Bow – Expert Tips You Need to Know

Learning how to hunt rabbits with a bow can be an intimidating process for some people.

As rabbits are small targets, beginner hunters may find it difficult to succeed in catching them using these tools.

Moreover, it can be a challenge to stalk these animals at close range. They can easily sense your presence, thus causing them to move away so quickly.

But after reading these techniques, you should be able to master the art of hunting rabbits with a bow. Keep reading to harness this skill and become a pro in no time!

Professional Guide on How to Hunt Rabbits with a Bow

As mentioned before, rabbits are skittish, small targets.

Their vital areas are quite small, so you need to make your shot accurate the first time. This is why knowing how to hunt rabbits with a bow requires refined skills such as catching a deer.

Additionally, rabbits are always in the lookout for predators that are attempting to get them. They use their strong sense of smell and their big ears to scan for animals and people. Thus, they can quickly hop away when they sense these dangers close by.

As a result, hunters will find it tough to get in range of these creatures. But you need to get as close as possible to be able to hit that very small vital part of their body.

A really refined ability to sneak towards them must be honed. By doing so, you can overcome the weariness and sensitivity of your small target.

1. Improve Your Stalking Skills

To know how to hunt rabbits with a bow, you first need to improve on your stalking abilities.

Professional hunters are great at sneaking up on these animals.

The goal is to make sure that they don’t see you first. Otherwise, they will quickly head over to the closest hiding spot and stay put until you decide to pursue them.

I would recommend that you use binoculars to check out these hiding rabbits.

Then, it helps to know where they prefer to go, so you can determine your next move.

2. Discover Their Preferred Hiding Spots.

Cottontails prefer to remain under a brush. They tend to hunker down, so you can easily miss them as you pass by.

Thus, you should head over to the very last place they were. Walk slowly in a concentric circular manner and scour the bushes for your target.

It usually takes a quick minute to check the area and search for your small, greyish-brown game. Keep in mind that these creatures blend perfectly well in any terrain. This is why looking for your target’s shadows in weedy patches and hiding spots is a smart idea.

Scan slowly in a back and forth manner and check for shadows – as tiny as they may be. Then, look farther away to make sure your prized target has not quickly run off.

3. Do Not Make Noises.

Once you have spotted your target a second time, you should stealthily sneak towards it.

Avoid stepping on leaves, crunchy sticks, and any debris.

You may want to hunt in a cross breeze as this helps to conceal your scent and sound.

Simply observe your target and move closer if you are sure it is not looking at you. Check the ears to make sure they remain still. When the ears swivel, it means that the rabbit can detect your sound. When this happens, you will eventually lose your target because it will quickly dash away from you.

4. Make a Shot.

Once you are close enough to your target, then you can make that shot.

Be sure to judge very well the distance. By doing so, you can easily hit the tiny target area and succeed.

No matter what happens, never run after your target. The thing about rabbits is that they are simply going to outrun you. These animals are equipped with the speed they need to run far distances from their predators.

This is why you should simply keep a watchful eye on the location where you last spotted them, then approach them stealthily and only attempt to shoot when you are close enough.

Always observe their movement and the head should be relaxed. Otherwise, ti only means your target is ready to squirm and run away.

Additional Tips When Hunting Rabbits

Cottontails love to stay with a small group. These are highly social animals, which means if you spot one, you can rest assured that there are actually more close by.

On the other hand, Jack Rabbits love to stay with one or a couple of other rabbits. They don’t really like being in a big group. But during the breeding season, you should be lucky enough to find them in a larger bunch.

This is why it should be a good idea to hunt during this time of the year.

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I highly recommend that you apply the techniques I mentioned in the previous section to improve your chances of catching a rabbit with a bow. You can also check out this video for additional tips that will be very helpful for you.

Bottom Line

There is no question about how tough it can be to learn how to hunt rabbits with a bow.

This small game is simply very fast, skittish, and difficult to catch. Their strong sense of hearing and smell also does not help you when attempting to catch one. This is why you need to apply the right techniques to make sure you outsmart these critters.

So, make it a point to improve your stalking abilities, be as stealthy as possible when you spot them, and with practice, you should be able to catch your target successfully!

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