How to Hunt Squirrels in Winter – Ridiculously Easy Tips from the Pros

Have you been trying to figure out how to hunt squirrels in winter?

If hunting those quick and nimble bushytails sounds appealing to you, then listen up – it’s not always too easy to do so in the winter.

During the frigid temperature, it can be tricky to find these creatures. But earlier in the season, they are absolutely anywhere. They had an abundant source of food, which means it used to be much easier to find these rodents.

Thus, all it took to bag some squirrels is to check out those commonly frequented areas and get your shotgun ready.

But the story is not quite the same in the winter. It gets tougher for every hunter because not only is it colder but squirrels aren’t just anywhere. They are still somewhere out there but it takes time to figure out where they are hiding.

So, if you want to know how to hunt squirrels in winter, here are some expert tips you need to know. Then, you can proudly show off your prized game and call it a successful hunt!

Know Before You Go – How to Hunt Squirrels in Winter

With the temperature dipping low, animals have a lower food supply overall. This is why it is harder for every hunter to get their fill.

Furthermore, the harsh weather drives squirrels to be burrowed somewhere nice and cozy. Thus, they are pretty much inactive the rest of the season. It could be rare to see them, and if ever they are out and about, they would be miles away even before a hunter gets to stalk them.

Now, there are not many leaves to conceal a hunter. This is why such visibility to their prey can cause them to lose their chances of a good hunt.

But aside from the lack of hiding spots for the perfect stalk, there is hardly any food for these rodents. There are no longer nuts on the branches. Instead, they fall to the ground, which makes it easy for squirrels to just grab them and go.

However, you should not be discouraged at all. You can still experience a productive and successful time hunting for squirrels. They are definitely still out there, and all it takes are some tips from pros to bag the goods.

Pro Tips on How to Hunt Squirrels in Winter

According to experts, hunting squirrels depends on the time of the year you do it.

Sure, there are not many leaves on trees. While this means that it is easier to spot these squirrels, these bushytails can quickly see you. They can easily evade their stalker because of the lack of coverage for them.

With this thing in mind, you need to change your strategy. For instance, solitary hunting is a smart technique for you to consider. This means watching den trees, which is the favorite hiding spot of these squirrels.

Is still-hunting still effective? Experts agree that it still is.

However, there is a new trick for you to learn. You will have to move at a very slow pace. Be sure to remain as quiet as possible when you perform small and deliberate movements.

The goal is for you to spot your target before it sees you. Squirrels know when you are there if you move… Or if they see you move.

Hence, it is worth wearing a good-quality camo hunting outfit. The better the camouflage, the higher your chances of taking out a squirrel.

Do not assume that a little bit of concealment will do. We are talking about some of the smartest rodents there are – and their eyes can easily tell if it is a hunter or not that is chasing after them.

Another thing to think of is the ideal time of winter for squirrel hunting.

For many experienced hunters, they prefer to go from December to January. By this time, there should be mast all around. As a result, squirrels should be out and about and trying to get more food supply.

If the temperatures are in the 20s or even the 10s, you can expect these squirrels to leave their hiding places to start foraging for food. They prefer to come out later in the day, though. So, forget about being out hunting at dawn. The goal is to be at your spot when the ground is not too freezing.

Just before these squirrels feed, you should be at your post and hiding on the back of trees and wearing your camouflage outfit.

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Additional Expert Techniques to Consider

Stalking and hunting at the same time is not a productive idea. You need to move constantly with your eyes and study your environment carefully for these squirrels. Check out the wood hundreds of yards away. If you don’t see them, they will become nothing but a thing of the past.

Next, do not dart quickly if a squirrel appears. a waltz-like motion where it is slow, deliberate, and quiet should be more effective in hunting for squirrels in winter. Go very slowly.

Moreover, if you can choose between a creek bottom or a ridge for hunting, always opt for the creek bottom. With the leaves being wet, this reduces the sound. Keeping yourself at a lower profile should spare you from being spotted by a squirrel.

You should also time your hunting day when the wind is quite unfavorable and go to hilly areas instead. Chances are, your targets are in this hiding spot.

We hope this helped answer your question on how to hunt squirrels in winter. Now, you can go ahead and strut your stuff after knowing about these basics of squirrel hunting. Then, you can expect huge success as you do what you do and be amazing at it!

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