Expert Tips On Squirrel Hunting In The Rain

Squirrel hunting in the rain is an exciting, yet challenging experience.

It is tricky enough to go squirrel hunting when the weather is nice and sunny. So it gets even tougher when you have to deal with the damp, cold weather.

But fret not – with our tips on how to hunt for squirrels in the rain, you can make it happen and get amazing results!

Gather up your tools, take these tips to mind, and we’ll get you catching ‘em squirrels in no time. Let’s get started.

Squirrel Hunting In The Rain – How It Works

First of all, where do squirrels even go when it’s pouring outside?

You are probably wondering if it is even a smart idea to go squirrel hunting in the rain. Well, the quick answer is that you are better off waiting for the rain to slow down a bit.

Landing a squirrel when it’s pouring heavily is next to impossible. So, you will have to wait for the weather to clear up – even a tiny bit – before you head out.

In the case of a light rainfall, then you are good to go. But it gets hard when you go in a really hard rain. First of all, it is even difficult to hear these rodents’ activity.

With your hearing ability not so good when the wind is howling and the rain beats hard, you are definitely at a massive disadvantage. Visibility is also close to zero, and squirrels would be scampering around in the bushes and trees.

And as for hunters, the rain can be bad for their firearms. You will have to clean up and lubricate your rifle after getting soaked in the rain. When it rusts up, this can cause poor functionality, which is not a good thing the next time you head out on a squirrel hunting expedition.

The Perks Of Squirrel Hunting In The Rain

Now, it’s not all that bad to hunt for squirrels in the rain.

For instance, you will love the fact that hunters are not all over the place at this time. After all, they would rather stay nice and dry at home. So, with fewer competitions, you are definitely going to score big.

Additionally, there is minimal overlap of the hunting ground. Squirrels are not going to be hearing a lot of gunfire, so they are not going to be so scared. When the rain dies down a bit, you can head out there and see a few more squirrels that are not afraid to expose themselves.

It is also worth noting that after or even during a light rainfall, squirrels tend to move towards a particular branch. Then, this causes some raindrops to fall as they rush towards their destination.

But when it’s a moderate type of rain, expect the drops to fall quickly. Then, you can get even more soaked because of that.

And the most important thing is that you can find more squirrels out in the wild during a light rain. These animals are most likely to have gotten used to the rain and harsh natural elements. So, they don’t feel uneasy when there’s a bit of rain. They may even leave their hiding spots when it rains!

Tools You Need When Squirrel Hunting In The Rain

tools you need when squirrel hunting in the rain

With all these perks and drawbacks in mind, you need to be prepared once you have finally decided to hunt for squirrels in the rain.

A few important tools are absolutely necessary, so you can expect success in your hunting trip. Here they are:

1. Firearm

Naturally, you want to make sure you have your ever-reliable gun. When it comes to the best calibre, you can use the same kind you have for rabbit hunting. Since these are smaller animals, you would not want to go for a bigger gun that could make things rather messy.

For squirrel hunting, we recommend a .22 air rifle. This works perfectly well in terms of accuracy and precision. Plus, it won’t cause your target to suffer since you can hit them easily and with one straight shot.

A rimfire rifle works when you are hunting for small game. These firearms are reasonably-priced, along with the lightweight quality in them. You can also expect them to be quieter than bigger guns.

When you are shooting stationary or small animals that are in a tree, a rimfire rifle works best. There are different kinds available, so it is best to choose what works great for your specific needs.

Also, you can consider a shotgun, which is ideal for small game, as well. The .12 gauge works, although you may want to experiment with .20 or the .16. The most important thing is that they are safer to use than rifles. With better stopping power, you can put your mind at ease when you use it.

And then, there’s the rimfire pistol. Again, it’s lightweight and small, so you can quickly slip it into your holster. These guns are versatile but they are a bit more expensive, depending on the model, too.

2. Hunting Scopes

With the rain making it tougher to see things clearly, you could definitely use some help from a good pair of hunting scopes.

You can rely on these tools as your extra pair of eyes, especially when it is hard to spot your target. You can even thread a bullet right into a tiny hole when you hunt, especially in dense foliage.

What’s great about a rifle scope is that it adds to the ease of squirrel hunting in the rain. You will be amazed at how precise your shots can be, even when you are trying to catch a small animal.

When checking out different scopes out there, you want to make sure it offers maximum clarity. Excellent crosshairs that will not limit the accuracy should be ideal.

Moreover, be sure the brightness is good enough. This refers to how bright you can expect the scope’s image to get when you view right through the scopes. Obviously, you want it to be as high as possible, which is great when it is rainy.

And then of course the weather-resistant factor. Since you will be using it in the pouring rain, be sure it can handle such weather. Choose a scope that is waterproof, which will allow you to still see clearly even when it is wet and damp outside.

3. Clothing

Be sure that you gear up well before you head out. Pick comfortable and protective clothing when squirrel hunting in the rain.

Expect it to be a bit cooler than usual, so you can definitely benefit from wearing long-sleeved shirts or jackets.

Next, make sure you are wearing good quality camouflage gear. Grey and brown camo should be excellent, since you can blend well with the ground and foliage. And also, make sure your clothing is waterproof to keep you warm instead of soggy and soaking wet while hunting.

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Additional Tips When Squirrel Hunting In The Rain

It is hard enough to hunt when it’s raining but it gets even tougher when you simply don’t know how to go about it.

Thus, we have these extra tips and tricks to help you have a great hunting experience… Even in the rain!

Before the rain comes, squirrels are very much active. Their sixth sense allows them to know it before it pours. So, you should be on the lookout for these rodents even prior to rain. Then, you can have a bit more to stuff in your game bag, without a doubt.

They also stay closer to their den or nest when the weather isn’t so nice and sunny. These are the places to go to when that happens.

Squirrel calls are also a good idea to maximize your catch. There are different calls such as a chatter, which you can try to study to know where you should be at.

And lastly, don’t underestimate the value of ground-stalking. What this means is that you simply sit still at the base of a large tree, preferably a clear area. Then, you should be able to hear the squirrel, especially when you move slowly right around these areas.

Your target may even be hanging around a den tree, such as those with holes that serve as the squirrel’s den cavities.


Squirrel hunting in the rain is exciting and worthwhile to do, which you must try at least once in your life.

The extra challenge may seem to be frustrating for some but once you bag yourself lots of squirrels, you’ll realize it is all worth it.

Make sure you follow these tips and guides to help you with your hunting. Then, you can simply head out there and enjoy the experience!

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