Unbelievably Easy Ways on How To Make A Wrist Strap For A Walking Stick

Knowing how to make a wrist strap for a walking stick can save your life… Literally!

As you keep walking, it is easy for your hand to get tired of holding on to the stick. Eventually, it may fall right out of your grip. And when this happens, you may end up losing your stick if it falls into the ditch!

But overall, having a wrist strap for your walking stick offers more benefits, which I will discuss more in a minute.

Let’s go right ahead and start making that wrist strap to give your hands a break, keep your stick secure, and reap all the other unexpected benefits that a strap offers. It’s a very easy thing to do, and we’ll cover all bases in this post.

Why Do You Need a Wrist Strap for a Walking Stick?

First things first – why should you even bother making a wrist strap, anyway?

For the most part, you need it for security.

Just think about suddenly letting go of your walking sticks as you ascend or descend a steep climb. If you’re unlucky enough, your sticks may go diving down the ravine, causing you to lose them forever.

This has happened numerous times to others who have been hiking for hours and getting tired of holding their sticks.

Another reason why a strap is important is for storage purposes. Let’s say you want a place to hang your things such as your water bottle, food bag, and so on. If you wish to keep them off the ground and protected from moisture, hanging these things is a smart thing to do.

You can use the wrist strap as a secure thing to keep these items above ground and making sure they stay put.

Thus, a wrist strap is not just for your hands but also for your food, clothing, and many others! It is why it pays to know how to make a wrist strap. Not only can you reap all of these benefits but you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying a wrist strap or a walking stick with a strap.

It’s very easy to do – I guarantee you. If you stick around, you’ll be making your very own strap, easy-peasy!

How to Make a Wrist Strap for a Walking Stick

Now that you know the whys of making a wrist strap, let’s get to work.

I prefer a hand strap, which you can easily make with a natural fiber rope. This is the easiest and cheapest material you can use, yet it works quite well, too.

If you use synthetic cords, you will have to melt them to prevent the material from fraying. Melting can be complex, so I would rather bind them by whipping.

There are also knots you can make, which you can find in this video. Either way, these all work. It’s up to you to choose what method suits you best.

However, if you prefer to wind, I would remove each strand of the rope. Rewind the single strand until you create a ring, which is basically 2 connected rings in a few series.

The great thing about the rewinding technique is the smooth finish you get. There are no bumps caused by splices or knots. Moreover, if you want to maintain a natural look for your stick, natural fiber rope fits perfectly instead of a synthetic strap.

Simply do the rope ring rewinding technique that makes it free from knots. Instead, it gives you a continuous loop that’s smooth and quite attractive.

This video shows you just how easy it is to make a walking stick wrap and wrist strap. Check it out:

If you have a two-piece walking stick that has a detachable top and bottom part, you can simply place the strap you made in between. Screw the stick together, and this should keep the strap securely on your stick.

With this design, you can hang your stick on tree branches and use the loop for hanging a few things that I mentioned earlier (food bag, water bottle, raincoat, etc).

If you have a hook handy, just attach it to the strap of your radio or gloves, then connect the other end of the hook into the loop. In an instant, you have yourself an efficient way to hang these items.

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Additional Facts about Making a Wrist Strap for a Walking Stick

You can make different types of wrist straps for your stick depending on your preference. For instance, you may want a colored one, something with a reflector, or one that matches the color of your staff.

I would prefer to use something colorful for better visibility.

When you have a wrist strap on your stick, you can hold onto it with greater ease. It can also eliminate the risks of having your stick slipping away from your hand as you hike.

Many people prefer to put the stick on the ground during a quick break from walking. However, it can slide off and even get lost. This is an issue many hikers go through, which makes the rest of the trek difficult without their walking sticks in hand.

Final Words on Making a Wrist Strap for a Walking Stick

Overall, a wrist strap on your walking stick is a huge lifesaver and a must-have during a long and tiring walk. You can count on your strap for a number of things such as for extra storage, security, improved efficiency, and basically to keep your stick by your side. Strap it on your backpack or have both sticks in one hand while you use your other hand for holding on to things – the benefits are simply countless.

So, be sure to check out the tutorial I shared with you on how to make a wrist strap for a walking stick that can spare you from massive headaches and stress during your hike.

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