Fun Camper Makeover Tips – How To Match Rv Wallpaper

You need to learn how to match RV wallpaper for stunning results.

If your camper is starting to look a little dull, the quickest and cheapest way to give it a makeover is by changing up the wall color.

And of course, wallpapers are perfect for this!

You don’t have to deal with messy paint just to enhance your RV’s overall look. A simple – yet stylish – wallpaper should do the trick just fine.

But here’s the dilemma – how can you make sure that the wallpaper you buy matches everything else? The last thing you want is to make it look like a hodgepodge of design that simply does not look good.

Follow this guide on how to match wallpaper for your Rv and get the stunning results that you want.

Why You Need to Learn How to Match RV Wallpaper

Any RV will quickly look good with a fresh coat of color.

But no, it does not necessarily need to use paint. In fact, wallpapers are much easier, cheaper, and less of a hassle to use for decorating your RV.

If a quick and stress-free RV makeover is what you want, then wallpapers are perfect for the job!

However, you can’t just use any wallpaper pattern or color. It needs to match well with your style.

This is why it is important to know how to match RV wallpaper. By doing so, you can prevent making expensive mistakes by turning your camper into a disaster… With a bunch of wasted wallpaper!

How to Match RV Wallpaper – Unbelievably Easy Steps!

If the interiors of your RV are starting to look outdated and worn, then it’s definitely screaming out loud “MAKEOVER.”

You need to renew your camper’s walls, and what better way to do that than by using the right wallpaper.

1. Bedroom Wallpaper Idea

Since everything is already quite cramped and small in your RV, the last thing you want is to make it look even smaller.

This is why you should consider using bright colors for the walls. I personally recommend white or metallic print for your RV bedroom.

White gives an illusion of space in any room, which makes it excellent for a small RV. The same applies with metallic print or shade. It lends a feeling of relaxation and elegance to the room.

Any color that is light, soft, and gentle to the eyes should be suitable for this part of your RV.

2. Kitchen Wallpaper Color Pattern

Now, for the kitchen, I would advise that you take the same style most kitchens in homes have:

Something cozy, warm, and with a country-vibe.

This is why wallpapers with wood grain or wood pattern prints are perfect. It looks just like your kitchen at home with wood cabinets and cupboards.

Additionally, this pattern or print adds some light to the kitchen area. This is obviously perfect when you are cooking something up, which requires more light and brightness in this part of the camper.

3. Match Your Wallpaper with the Interior Decor

The next thing to consider when learning how to match RV wallpaper is by making sure it matches your interior decor or motif.

Do you have some kind of a shabby chic style in your camper? Or perhaps a little more contemporary?

You need to keep the interior decor or motif in mind when selecting the right wallpaper to use. This way, the styles will not clash and end up looking unsightly.

But overall, always go for a lighter color that will create more space for your RV. The darker the color is, the smaller the interior appears. So, leave your dark color for the basement and settle for light shades for your cute and cozy little nook.

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Quick Tips for Installing RV Wallpaper

Now that you know more about how to match RV wallpaper, you are ready for the next step:

Installing your awesome wallpaper!

But this is where many people make a mistake and end up wasting a perfect wallpaper. With the wrong techniques, it can turn out to be a disaster. This is why you should follow these guidelines to ensure the best results you want.

First, you need to remove your old wallpaper. Make sure nothing is left on the wall before you put the new one. Wipe the wall down with a wet sponge and keep the surface smooth and clean.

Next, roll out your new wallpaper on the floor. Keep it securely in place by putting something heavy on both sides to hold them down.

The next step is very crucial. You need to measure the wall and the wallpaper accurately before you cut.

Measure the width and length of the wall and then apply these measurements to your wallpaper. You might want to mark with a pencil to guide you as you cut it.

Now that your wallpaper is cut according to your wall’s measurement, it is time to apply some glue on the backing. Use a brush to apply glue and with the help of another person, you should stick the wallpaper to the wall as flat as possible. Rub the surface firmly to smoothen any bumps out.

But if you can find a wallpaper that has a peel-and-stick system, it is even better! This makes it much easier to install the wallpaper, and you can check out this video to know exactly how it is done

Final Thoughts

A simple makeover on your RV can do wonders for its overall appearance and vibe.

This is why one thing worth learning is how to match RV wallpaper to make sure the makeover job ends up perfectly.

I hope this post has been helpful for your upcoming makeover project. Choose the right wallpaper that matches your RV interior and follow the steps here to help you achieve the finest results you want. Happy RV decorating!

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    • It took us 3 days to peel off the old panels and put the new ones together. Very satisfied with it once completed, your article helped me and my wife, followed your instructions and it was very easy.


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