How Wide is a Class C Motorhome – Federal Restrictions!

Selecting a motorhome is quite frustrating because of the massive range of options available in the market.

If you’re worried about the motorhome fitting your garage or state permission on the road, you have turned up at the right place.

So, how wide is a class C motorhome?

You see, these vehicles give you a great experience and might even become a hassle if you are not aware of all the factors related to it. And today we appear to accompany you to learn more about your motorhome.

Let’s get you all geared up:

Why a Class C Motorhome?

If you’re new to motorhomes, you should first know that there are basically three categories of motorhomes. The A-class, B class, and C class.

Wait, did you think that the class B is the moderated one among all three of them? Well, if you did, we’re sorry because you’re wrong.

Class C motorhome is the moderated one among the three categories. You see, the class C motorhomes have quite an impressive number of facilities.

Some might even state that these features or benefits keep them leading in the market.

On one hand, the class A motorhomes are bus-like giant vehicles. Very tough to roam around with but gives you an amazing experience on long rides.

On another hand, class B motorhomes are like a customized version of a family van. Not suited for more than 2 people but it’s easy to drive.

Then, there’s the class C motorhomes. These are big enough to hold at least 7 people. Moreover, it’s easier to drive or park anywhere and anytime.

There are several benefits of owning a class C motorhome. Like:

  • Capacity of a moderate number of people
  • Easier to roam around with
  • More accessible entrance and exit
  • Accessible living area to move around

Well, these are the features that any other person will look for. For you, we portrayed the advantages that are definitely going to be of use.

Suitable Size

The size of your motorhome matters big time. Moving around the city with a giant bus-like vehicle is not comfortable at all. That’s where the class C stands out.

The class C appears as a van cab. It’s big, but not so big to scare off people on the street like the giant class A.

The length of class C motorhomes are generally near 20 to 28 feet. And the exterior height is near 10 feet. The numbers might sound gigantic but it’s an average comfortable vehicle to serve its purposes.


Oh well, it’s true that a large vehicle like this needs some extra attention. But when it comes to the class C motorhomes, it’s a game-changer.

If you’re lucky and aware enough to get yourself a quality class C motorhome, it might cut you some cost for the maintenance.

You see, a class C motorhome is built on a van chassis. For any kind of repair or maintenance purposes, you can take it to a regular repair shop without an issue.

Whereas any larger model would need a service center where the trucks go for servicing.


With an RV or motorhome, there’s more at stake than your own life. And we care for you and your whole family. We added this part to make you aware of the safety factors.

Keep your eyes open to these factors:

  • These vehicles are quite difficult to handle if you’re driving them for the first time. Even a Formula One racer needs a first smooth drive to understand the whole diameter of the RV.
  • An insurance plan is a must for your RV. It should have extensive coverage. You never know what’s going to happen on the roads.
  • Make sure that you’re having a proper checkup on the electrical usage. Because your RV is only capable of giving you a specific amount of amps. So, if you don’t want to destroy your charging devices, you should get a surge protector.
  • You should do thorough RV checkup before rushing out with it on a long trip. We don’t want you to get stuck in the middle of nowhere.
  • Make sure that your traveling route is compatible with your motorhome. The wildlife can be unpredictable but you have to be ready for any situation.

How Wide is a Class C Motorhome?

RVs are meant for comfortable riding. But driving it can be challenging as it’s larger than your daily driven vehicles.

However, when it comes to class C RVs, you get the easy-driven experience and the fine living space inside. You can drive them on the highways and camp anywhere.

The standard width of a class C motorhome is about 8 feet 4 inches (100 inches). As there are different models, the size often extends or decreases.

However, you can’t just go on and select a motorhome of any size without checking out the legal factors related to motorhomes.

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Does the Width Go With the Legal Standard?

Well, there are some laws that you have to abide by as you’re roaming around with such a large vehicle. There are several states with federal laws that won’t allow you to roam around with a large width motorhome.

Your RV’s width shouldn’t be more than 8 feet 6 inches if you want to stay away from jail. Many states even have restrictions of 8 feet wide RVs.

However, don’t rush out on the road with your extended slide outs or you might get pulled over. The slideouts can extend the width of your RV.


Cruising through town and rural areas with an RV is without a doubt an exciting feeling. Make sure wherever you go, you are following the road laws and cruising.

Well, now you know how wide is a class C motorhome and how your motorhome width might affect the federal law.

These kinds of federal laws are there for your and other citizens safety reasons. Please be sincere enough to abide by the laws.

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