Is Fishing With Corn Illegal in Texas? Learn the Law Before Fishing!

A lot of anglers like to look into different kinds of effective bait to lure fish in. One of the more popular ones today is corn, which is cost-effective and easy to use. That’s why we find a lot of anglers asking about using it in different fishing forums, discussing the legalities in particular.

One question I frequented the most was, “is fishing with corn illegal in Texas?” With the many answers we see online, read on to find out the truth!

Is Fishing With Corn Illegal In Texas?

Many states have varying policies when it comes to using corn as bait or chum. Sometimes it’s allowed, other states prohibit it, while a few states don’t mention it.

In most states, it’s perfectly legal using a hook baited with corn, as long as the bait is allowed to use in those locations. However, you may not be allowed to attract fish by chumming using corn.

In Texas, specifically, it IS legal to use corn as bait. However, I was not able to find specific information in terms of using corn as a chum. Because of that, it’s assumed legal but I recommend you contact the state park you plan to fish in for confirmation.

Furthermore, consider if the park or body of water you plan to fish in allow bait, or if they are limiting it to only artificial bait.

But with this in mind, it’s safe to say you can fish with corn, using as bait. You can use harvested corn or canned corn, just as how people would use other bait like bread, pet food, and the like.

It’s best to stay updated with any new fishing rules and regulations of the state to prevent losing your license or paying a hefty fee.

Do you want to learn more about the fishing rules and regulations of Texas? Check out this informative video:

Why Should I Use Corn as Bait?

Besides its cost-effectiveness, why choose corn anyway?

Corn can get fish’ attention, as it has a bright yellow color, a distinct smell, and you can bai in bite-sized pieces. Besides that, it’s readily available and cheap, easy to hook the corn without doing much work.

But you also have to be wary before you start using corn as bait. This is because it can cause problems for both fish and the environment. It may not be easy for certain fish species to digest corn, as it won’t break down easily in digestive tracts, taking longer to digest and leading to deadly consequences.

Furthermore, the reason why corn may not be permitted as bait or chum is that it introduces foreign organic material to natural environments. Throwing healthy food like corn can still be bad, as it throws off the water’s nitrate levels, altering its pH balance!

So while convenient and permitted, it’s best to not use as much corn, especially when targeting smaller fish. However, when you do choose to use corn, it can still be a successful feat with certain species without affecting their digestive tract. Popular fish to catch with corn are crappie, trout, bluegill, and perch!

You can use most types of corn, but some of the best include Shoepeg, dyed and cured, or dry feed corn. While using it as bait is fine for most fish species, as much as possible, especially since Texas does not mention its legalities, avoid chumming with corn. It has more environmental consequences compared to using corn as bait!

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Wrapping It Up

If you’re planning to use certain types of food as bait, such as corn, then you’ll need to find out its legalities first. Furthermore, you also have to look into any consequences of actually using corn to catch fish. When in Texas, we can assume that it is legal, but it’s still best to check in with the specific state park you plan to fish in, just in case.

I hope that this article answered your question, “is fishing with corn illegal in Texas?” Now that you know the answer, learn more about Texas’ fishing rules and regulations to make sure you aren’t breaking the rules.

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