Signs Of A Bad Power Pack On Outboard That You Need To Know

Be sure to know these signs of a bad power pack on outboard to prevent further problems.

This is something that many people tend to miss out on, which ends up badly in the long run. Although it is possible for the outboard motor to last for years, proper maintenance is a must to make sure the coil stays in good condition.

With a bad coil, the engine can start showing problems. You may not be able to start it, and there could be some misfires or zero spark at your plug. Hence, it is best to be aware of these outboard ignition power pack symptoms to avoid serious problems over time.

Signs Of A Bad Power Pack On Outboard

So, let us talk about outboard ignition coil symptoms. This is the first place to start to make sure things don’t get worse in your outboard.

Once the coil has gone bad, some symptoms may be present. Here are some of them.

1. Hard Start For Your Engine

Do you notice a weak spark at your plug gap? This makes it tough to start your engine. What this means is that the coil has some damage and has gotten weak. Thus, it cannot produce the amount of energy it used to.

Moreover, an engine that takes longer to start when you turn the key is also a sign of a bad coil. One cylinder may also be missing a spark.

2. Zero spark at the gap

Another sign that your coil is no longer in good condition is when there is no spark produced at all at the gap. Hence, the outdoor motor fails to start. In some cases, it may start, yet misfiring can occur, as well as some shaking. This happens when the plugs don’t get enough voltage.

3. Broken coil

Check the coil and see what it looks like. If you notice that it appears melted or cracked, then it is unlikely to work at all. A replacement for the coil is necessary to get it to work.

A coil that has damages could be due to many factors. Perhaps it has overheated, shorted, or simply needs repair after so many years of usage.

4. Misfires to the engine

Lastly, you may need to check if you notice some engine misfires. If your coil can produce ample voltage to start your engine, yet it runs erratically, it means that the voltage is still not enough.

As a result, misfiring happens, and you will need a steadier voltage output to let it run properly.

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Additional Tips You Should Know

Aside from checking the condition of the coil, it is also important that you inspect the spark plugs. If there are damages to the spark plugs, then the outboard motor will not function well, either.

The spark plugs are important to ensure a smooth operation of the engine. However, there are times when they tend to fail.

If they appear grayish and are dry, then it means that your spark plugs are still okay. But if they are wet or there’s a bit of moisture on it, then the water could have entered the fuel.

Another thing to observe is the presence of a white residue. This happens when the plug overheats. Some signs of corrosion are also not good since it means the plug has gotten too hot.

When you notice a breakage, corrosion, discoloration, or moisture on the spark plugs, it only means that you need to replace these components right away.


These signs of a bad power pack on outboard can easily tell you if something needs to be done to your coil or spark plugs.

Thus, never ignore these issues to prevent further issues from occurring. Get the coil or spark plugs replaced whether by a professional or by yourself, and you can eliminate these concerns with your outboard power pack.

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