What Can You Catch With Pinfish? Use As Bait Properly!

Pinfish are a common baitfish you can catch on your own or find in your local bait store. They are porgies, similar to the sheephead, a small fish that is an enticing meal to bigger fish species. But what can you catch with pinfish and how do they make good bait?

Sure, they aren’t the most sought after bait option, but they attract a good amount of fish! So read on as I show you what you can catch with pinfish.

What Can You Catch With Pinfish?

can you catch with pinfish

Pinfish isn’t usually the first choice of larger predators, but when appeared to them, any baitfish would eat it. That’s why they make good bait choices among anglers worldwide. Plus, they are readily available, either you can hunt for pinfish or purchase them from local fishing stores.

These are the top ten fish species that will usually bite when you use pinfish as bait:


The redfish is known as the red run, which is another game fish found in the Atlantic Ocean. They are available all-year-round and are great meat to cook, having a mild and sweet flavor. Many anglers would catch them for its taste and bragging rights, as these fish can grow BIG!


The tarpon fish is a gamefish, a ray-finned fish native to the Atlantic. You can find them mostly in Florida, well known for how much of a fight they can give an angler. Pinfish is a go-to bait for fishing tarpon in the Florida Keys bridges, as its smell would entice!


The cobia is a warm water marine fish, well-known for its excellent flavors, which is why anglers target them! They are quite picky eaters sometimes but would bite pinfish, which is why they make good bait for the cobia. You should aim to fish for cobia during the spring and fall seasons!


The snook will give you a fight because of their size, weight, and aggressive attitude. They have the strength and reputation to jump and throw the hook, making them the ultimate challenge! You can bait them with topwater plugs or pinfish, which they would most likely try to bite into.


The grouper fish is one of the biggest fish that would feed on pinfish, making it a good bait choice! They are usually in the Gulf of Mexico and Florida, and if you’re ready, be sure that you have a lot of pinfish and strength prepared for the big one.


The mackerel is a common fish many anglers aim to catch for their taste and size. You can experience great action from this gamefish, and they typically consume smaller species like pinfish. You’re most likely to catch mackerel during the spring to early summer when they are about to spawn or after their spawn season.

Big Mutton Snapper

The big mutton snapper can grow up to three feet long and are finicky eaters, though they would feast on pinfish. They usually feed on small fish, mollusks, and crustaceans, and you can find them during the months between May to October. Like most snapper fish species, watch out for your hands and be ready to put up a fight!

Mangrove Snapper

The mangrove snapper, also known as the grey snapper, is a popular snapper species that consume pinfish. They are usually easy to catch with the right techniques, though make sure that your fingers are away from their mouths! They’re called snappers for a reason with their sharp teeth and aggressive attitude.

Bull Reds

The bull redfish are usually found in deeper waters of rivers, passes, and coastal bays. They have a slightly bullish demeanor and will fight down-and-dirty like the snapper. Mullets are good fish bait for them, but pinfish works just as well, especially when targeting smaller bull reds!

Big Jack Crevalles

As the name suggests this species are larger fish and are quite aggressive. They are also fun and easier to catch as they have a wide range and school up in larger numbers. You can use pinfish to bait them, as they like their meals moving quickly!

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Wrapping It Up

Pinfish is a great bait choice when fishing inshore or offshore in various locations. It can attract many types of fish, especially those that target baitfish and usually have it as their daily diet. As long as you catch and preserve these pinfish properly, you can have more chances of getting that big bite to reel in!

I hope that this article answered your question, “what can you catch with pinfish?” Now that you know how to use pinfish effectively, learn how to target any of these fish species with proper fishing techniques!

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