What Fish Eat Sand Fleas? The Fish You Should Focus On!

Have you ever considered using sand fleas as bait? These are one of the most popular bait choices among anglers because of how they entice different kinds of fish! But what fish eat sand fleas exactly?

If you plan on using sand fleas as bait, you have to know what fish are attracted to it. This can help you figure out when, where, and how to fish for particular species. So read on to learn about the types of fish that are most likely to take a bite on sand flea bait.

What Fish Eat Sand Fleas?

Sand fleas aren’t insects, but a ten-legged crustacean also known as a sand crab. They are used as an excellent bait option for saltwater fishing. However, they don’t entice all types of fish!

These are the top eight fish species that sand fleas are most likely to take a bite of your bait:

1. Pompano

The pompano fish is one of the most popular species many fishermen love! It’s actually one of the world’s most edible fish, as you can eat it whole and admire its attractive and silvery skin. The skin doesn’t even need any scaling, with its meat firm and having a slightly sweet taste.

2. Redfish

The redfish, known as the red drum, has a mildly sweet flavor as well. They are popular come late summer to early fall, offering heavy action as long as bass aren’t biting. You can really hone up your fishing skills picking a fight as you try reeling in redfish with sand fleas!

3. Sheepshead

The sheepshead is another popular fish species because of how readily available they are in the waters, especially come fall season. They are also very good to consume especially when fried or baked, making them a tasty catch. You can find sheepshead mostly inshore around jetted, mangrove roots, piers, jetties, or tidal creeks.

4. Sea Mullet

Sea mullet is abundant in Australia, a type of kingfish that’s popular among surf fishers. You can find sea mullets around the beachside of a bar, or when on a pier, caught within a casting distance. Expect fast action and a bit of a fight as you reel them in!

5. Croakers

You can find croakers around area piers or shore fishing spots, which is why they love sand fleas! You can find bigger croakers in deeper water, a good species to target for children and beginner anglers. Plus, they’re very easy to catch, because when you get to the school of croaker, it can fill your boat or bucket!

6. Black Drum

The black drum is similar to the red drum or redfish. However, they are different in both appearance and taste. These fish are popular and powerful, found around the rock ledges. Expect to fight dirty with them, but it will be worth the battle as they taste great!

7. Stripers

Also called striped bass, these are popular around many lakes nationwide, the most sought after gamefish in the US. While they aren’t the easiest to catch, they have significant value and make great fish to consume. They live for small fish and insects, from sand fleas to herring or anchovies.

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8. Flounder

Flounder is a popular inshore game fish because of its fighting spirit and delicious meat! Found mostly around Florida, you can also fish for them in east coast lakes from October to December. You can find them mostly in passes, channels, inlets, spoil islands, or points that have good current.

There are actually many more fish that sand fleas may entice, but these are the most popular ones you’re most likely to see in seawaters.

If you want to learn more about the type of fish sand fleas can entice, this video can help you out:

Wrapping it Up

There is no such thing as “one bait for all fish,” as they have different tastes and diets. With sand fleas, you can catch a wide variety of fish species, especially the pompano. However, you can only do so by keeping your bait smelling and tasting fresh!

I hope that this article answered your question, “what fish eat sand fleas?” Now that you know the answer, start aiming to learn more about catching these fish!

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