When Do Croaker Start Biting In Virginia – Planning For A Successful Angling Trip

Before you head over to your trip, you may be wondering – when do croaker start biting in Virginia?

If you are set on catching this type of fish, it helps to know exactly the right time to go for your angling adventure.

So, make sure that nothing gets wasted by having all the facts straight out right from the start. These are the things you need to know when it comes to fishing for croakers in Virginia. Then, you can ensure success in your trip. Let’s get croakin’!

When Do Croaker Start Biting In Virginia

In Virginia, young croakers do not flock until about August. This is the time they make their way into Chesapeake Bay.

However, the same cannot be said about adult croakers. For instance, they enter the bay during spring months. Then, they head over to the ocean once fall months come.

In the case of young croakers, they first remain in creeks with a low-salinity level. They also avoid traveling towards the ocean when winter months are approaching. Instead, they go to the river’s deeper parts.

They would then head to the ocean when they have become fully mature after being in the rivers. This is why around spring and summer, it should be typical to see croakers swimming around the Chesapeake Bay at an 18 ppt salinity level.

As for smaller-sized croakers, it should be easy to catch them at various shoreline fishing spots particularly in the summer and spring. But if what you are more interested in is catching bigger croakers, then you may want to venture off to a further, deeper water to get your catch.

We also recommend that you choose to head over in the evening. This is why nighttime fishing for croakers has become rather famous among anglers.

Croakers In Virginia

croakers in virginia

For the most part, Chesapeake Bay is loaded with so many croakers. The size and quantity also varies, yet ever-present, specifically during the most ideal times of the year.

Small or large croakers, you can easily spot one at your local state park. There are several charter angling activities all throughout Virginia to get you started.

This fish is commonly at around 10 inches in length and can be up to several inches and weigh tens of pounds. As for the case of keeper croakers, they are about 24 inches large. You can easily recognize them because of their silvery bodies with metallic flecks on the flanks.

Additionally, they tend to have a somewhat sharp spine and the shape of their body can be similar to a reddish or red drum fish.

In Virginia, there are fishing piers designated for croaker runs. You can find these piers right along the coastal beaches or Chesapeake Bay. Furthermore, you can check out Sandbridge or Virginia Bridge to find yourself some good croakers to catch.

Aside from the piers, there are seawalls and jetties that are also decent spots for catching croakers during the popular season. If you happen to be in Virginia Beach, then you should definitely drop by Lynnheaven or Rudee Inlet to check it out.

As for those keen on surf fishing, you can also catch croakers during their season, particularly at the Sandbridge in Virginia Island.

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As always, we are here to help you out in your questions and concerns regarding fishing in many parts of the country.

We hope this answered your query on when do croaker start biting in Virginia. Now, you are more prepared to head over to the most popular spots in this state for croaker fishing . Then, you can expect the best results that are truly worth your time and money! Happy fishing!

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