When Do Mackerel Run in Nova Scotia? Get Successful Catches Now!

When in Nova Scotia, you’ll see how common the mackerel is, making them a popular catch in the area. You can fish them from a wharf or boats, and you can even catch them without requiring a license. Besides that, they are quite tasty when cooked right, which is why many fishermen aim for the mackerel.

For better chances of a successful catch, you should schedule your fishing trip during their “running” season. But when do mackerel run in Nova Scotia, exactly?

Read on to find out!

When Do Mackerel Run in Nova Scotia?

The mackerel is a smaller cousin of the great bluefin tuna, possessing its various attributes, such as speed and fighting ability. They are common in the coastal waters during the late summer to early fall, traveling in open oceans in large schools. This species is a migratory fish, meaning they would overwinter in deep waters off Nova Scotia.

Because of their way of living, they are more popular to catch during their running season, or when they move up.

When does this happen? You’ll find mackerel running during the late summer to early fall, with August being the optimum month to catch them in Nova Scotia. This is why you’ll find a lot of fishermen looking for mackerel in August because of this, since the fish would travel in large schools, making it easy to target.

While you can catch them in other months, it’s better to aim for summer to fish for mackerel. While they start to run from late June to early July, they begin dying down from September to October.

Catching Mackerel in Nova Scotia

Fishing for mackerel in Nova Scotia is straightforward and a bit easy, as you don’t need any license to fish for them. In fact, they are very easy to catch to the point that parents teach their children how to fish with the mackerel.

However, it’s still best to check for any restrictions or limitations on how many fish to catch, as well as the equipment to use.

With that in mind, here are quick tips to catch mackerel successfully when they run in Nova Scotia:

  • Use a spinning rod when digging from the wharf, but a hand ling or jig when fishing on a boat. A jig is a good option, as it has six feathered hooks, allowing you to fish for more than one fish each time
  • When fishing from shore, use a spinning rod with Norwegian jigs, mackerel feathers, or lures that have some color candor flash. Mackerel aren’t very fussy, so you don’t need to be particularly choosy with the gear when catching them
  • When using flies, I recommend to use the Mickey Finn, or the Red and White, using a fly rod and flashy streamer

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Do you want to learn more about how to catch mackerel in Nova Scotia? Check this awesome video out:

Wrapping It Up

The mackerel is a tasty fish that many want to eat and catch, which is why it’s important to know when they run for more success. Since they are common in Nova Scotia, your chances are best during the late summer to early fall, as they are running during this time. As long as you have the proper equipment and technique, you can bring home one or two for cooking!

I hope that this article answered your question, “when do mackerel run in Nova Scotia?” Now that you know the answer, begin planning your next trip to Nova Scotia to catch some mackerel. Happy fishing!

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