When Do White Perch Spawn In Louisiana? The Answers Here!

When n Louisiana, you’ve got a ton of bodies of water you can fish in. Many anglers in the area choose to target the white perch, a familiar and popular fish species.

While it’s fairly easy to catch white perch, you won’t be able to get any bites if you go in the wrong times. That’s why you need to learn its activity and patterns, particularly their spawning season.

So if you’re wondering, “when do white perch spawn in Louisiana?” Read on as I show you the months you should aim for fishing to get more chances of success.

When Do White Perch Spawn In Louisiana?

The white perch is also commonly known as the white catfish, which usually weighs less than two pounds. They are a very popular type of fish species to target among anglers nationwide because of their high population and ease of catching.

In Louisiana, white perch will migrate to shallower waters to spawn, around 4-7 feet deep. This action will start congregating the fish, which is why many anglers time their fishing trips during these times.

It’s best to fish around the shoreline, boat docks piers, cypress tree flats, or the shallow ridges in lakes. You can usually find them in protective cover during this season as they lay eggs.

This usually happens in the springtime, as the waters begin to warm up. White perch would spawn beginning in late April until May, or even lasting until the beginning of summer, depending on the water temperatures and overall weather. They actively begin spawning once water temperatures reach up to 61 degrees F or higher, usually exceeding 70 degrees F.

With that in mind, spawning season will typically begin as March or April comes along and spring replaces winter completely. You can begin preparing or scheduling your fishing trip by March to catch them in the pre-spawn season!

Your best bet is to fish for them as spring approaches and pre-spawn season happens, or right after spawn season in May to early summer. This is because they will be feeding most of the time, so chances are, they bite most of what they see.

When you do fish for them, look under natural and manmade brush piles using light tackle like crickets, shiners, worms, or small soft tube jigs in different colors.

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Do you want to learn more about the white perch and how they spawn? Check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to fishing for white perch or any other fish species, you’re most likely to catch more during their spawn season. In Louisiana, white perch begin to spawn come early to mid-springtime, from the months of April to May. This is the optimum time to fish, or even earlier as they begin to feed before spawning.

I hope that this article answered your question, “when do white perch spawn in Louisiana?” Now that you know the answer, make sure to know when you should begin fishing for white perch!

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