When Do Crappie Spawn In Michigan? The Best Time To Fish!

Spawning season is one of the perfect times to schedule your fishing trips because that’s when all the fish are out, ready to be caught! But when do crappies spawn in Michigan?

Read on as I show you the important seasons you need to take note of with crappies so you know when to fish.

About Crappie Spawning Season

about crappie spawning seasonSpawning refers to the release and dumping of eggs in particular areas. For fish, you can see them release eggs in shallower waters, which is why anglers aim to schedule their fishing trips at this time.

For crappies usually, spawning season begins once waters reach a temperature of 60 degrees. Fahrenheit. This is when crappies are staging on flats, which range between 6-15 feet deep.

Time is an important factor when determining the crappie season, as each season has its different temperatures. But if you’re thinking summer is the start of spawning season for crappies, that’s where you’re wrong!

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When Do Crappie Spawn In Michigan?

Crappies are probably one of the earliest spawning fish in the state, as they move to the shallow waters once ice-out occurs. However, ice-out would vary in Michigan, depending on where exactly you are in the state.

In Southern areas, ice-out may happen by early March, which is when the waters have warmed to the 50s degree range. In Northern areas, it usually happens in April before the ice completely disappears. Sometimes, it can happen as late as May if it gets too harsh of a winter season!

However, it will take a bit of time after ice-out before you see them spawn. Regardless, you can see how spring is the spawning season for crappies, right after winter disappears. You’re best off aiming for crappies during the early spring, usually when crappies feed and spawn.

Since crappies are the first fish to spawn come springtime, you may expect them to start the season come mid-May, and it will peak in early June, as long as the water temperature remains at the high 50s. You can check for exact water temperatures before your fishing trip to see if it’s an appropriate time to fish for crappie.

Once the ice-out happens and waters begin to warm, you can expect more crappies to come by for feeding and spawning. This lasts up to the summer, and early summer is also one of the exceptional times to catch even more crappies!

Do you want to learn more about crappie spawning and where to find crappie during this season? Check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to catching crappie, you’re better off scheduling your trips during the spawning season. The spawning season varies in different states, but in Michigan, they all come by spring. That’s why you’ll want to try to head to the popular Michigan lakes during this season.

Hopefully, this article answered your question, “when do crappie spawn in Michigan?” Now that you know the answer, start planning out your next fishing trip today.

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