Expert Guide to Bass Fishing In Windy Conditions

It is never too easy to go bass fishing in windy conditions.

But if this is something you like to try, you need some techniques.

Allow us to teach you pro tips for bass fishing in windy conditions. These are insider secrets that helped a lot of anglers out there. Catch your fish and have a great time doing so by applying these techniques.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced angler, these professional tips and tricks should be very helpful. Let’s go get that bass!

What Makes Strong Winds Hard for Bass Fishing

Bass fishing in windy conditions can be a bit of a challenge to many. The lake ends up getting muddy because of the howling, strong wind. And overall, the conditions are just not very optimal for angling.

You would find the brutal winds a little tricky to deal with. And also, your lures can come flying in different directions. It is just difficult to get a good aim and to ensure accuracy of target.

As for your boat, it tends to be out of position because of the wind.

So what should you do when you want to catch bass but the winds are just mighty strong?

Where Do Bass Go During Windy Conditions?

The winds alter the direction of currents. When it comes to coastal areas, these strong gusts can push water to the sea and even make higher tides than normal.

When water is blown this way and this hard, the fish go to multiple directions.

In fact, bass would prefer to hide in the lull of the water… The direction that naturally protects it.

In some cases, these fish tend to face the current. They await food to come to them, so they are more successful with attacking anything that goes their way.

These include morsels that are a-plenty, and the mighty bass charge towards their food and go back into the calmer water. They do this to save their energy for another feeding session.

When the wind is very strong, it also impacts boat control.

But here’s the big secret – you don’t have to fight the water. What you can do instead is to consider it more as an ally than a foe. As long as you are in the right place, you should be able to utilize wind power to stealthily glide and catch your fish.

Some anglers may even choose to zigzag their way right across the water. This makes them a little undetected to sneak up on the tricky fish!

You might want to try drifting with the strong wind, if you happen to be in shallow and big flats. This movement helps you to find fish quickly. Since the wind causes the grass to go in different directions, this makes it easier to spot the bass. They no longer get into the pockets, so they are more visible to anglers.

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How to Catch Fish in Strong Winds

how to catch fish in strong winds

What are the secrets to catching the best bass during strong and windy situations?

First, you need to use the right material.

I would use sea sock to slow down the drift and create a drag. You may even use regular tools such as a 5-gallon bucket. Hook it up on a rope and hang this tool over the boat’s side. And… Voila! You’ve got yourself a DIY anchor!

There are anglers who use chains and drag them to slow down the rift but this improvised tool works just as well.

If the boat is going in many directions because of the wind, you can count on this anchor to keep it steady. You no longer have to fight the water and move around. An anchor can save

Another tip you should try is finding the right position.

When the bass is facing upstream, they are facing away from the wind. They look for their food and that is simply all they care about. Then, with the windy shore, bass may end up going further away.

What about casting, then?

We recommend that you cast right into the wind. But it is not advisable to do it when the wind is just very strong. This does not even make it possible for you to cast anymore, at all.

A strong breeze can also provoke the hungry bass to eat by causing the bait to move. Baitfish and shad eat planktons. And with wind concentrates, planktons swim against shorelines. This is what causes shad to follow… And when there’s shad, there’s bass!

The waves also oxygenate the water. As a result, bass become more energetic. So, as long as our dear bass can find its source of food and oxygen, it should also be easy to find them easily.

Here’s an informative video for more tips and tricks on bass fishing in windy conditions:

Additional Tips on Bass Fishing During Heavy Winds

Another thing that can happen when it is windy is that the prey may go into various directions. This is due to the moving waves and water that disperse schools of baitfish. When this happens, shad will go after these baitfish… And of course, there goes your bass.

Fish bite a little bit better when the wind is howling. This is particularly true with the fact that wind moves your bait smoothly, and this causes some activity in the water.

We would recommend fishing right along a rocky coastline. This is a much better option to do on a breezy day.

We hope that you were able to learn from the tips we have just shared with you. Let us know your thoughts and we look forward to hearing great success in your bass fishing adventure during the windy, breezy season!

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