Best Time To Go Bass Fishing In A Pond – Professional Angling Tips

Have you ever wondered about the best time to go bass fishing in a pond?

Perhaps you are a beginner at fishing. Or maybe you are a professional looking to elevate your angling experience.

No matter where you are in the fishing game, it is best to know valuable tips to help you out.

If pond fishing interests you, this post should be valuable to you. We take a look at the top tips on the best time of the year to go bass fishing in a pond. This way, you’ll have the best time fishing and get the results you want.

When is the Best Time to Go Fishing in a Pond?

Are you looking to steer clear of large bodies of water?

In this case, the pond may be a better option for trying to catch some fish. But at the same time, it helps to realize the best time and technique to make this happen.

Ideally, fishing in a pond can give you the best results when done in the fall or spring. Bass fish tend to look for shallower areas during the spawning season. They prefer temperatures over 10 degrees Celsius to spawn.

However, the fall is their preferred feeding time. This is why it is another good season to go pond fishing, if you are hoping to catch some bass.

Different Seasons and Their Impact on Bass Fishing

different seasons and their impact on bass fishing

Depending on the season, bass fishing can either be tough or relatively easy.

In Winter, for instance, it is a tough time of the year to go fishing. The same holds true in spring.

When the water temperature remains at 7 degrees Celsius or even less, this can be very difficult for anglers to catch fish. But more than that, the cold weather makes it very tough on the body. You may be sitting in a boat for a while but the whole experience of dealing with the frigid weather is not quite appealing.

There is still a possibility to catch bass in the cold, bitter weather. However, it is not going to be easy. Bass are also cold-blooded animals, which keeps them sluggish due to a slower metabolism.

It is also true that bass fish tend to remain in deeper waters during the winter. These areas include sheer creek channels and riverbeds.

As for Spring, specifically once the temperature hits over 10 degrees Celsius, fishing can be a good time of the year. You can start looking for fish that may be going into shallow water bodies as they are already spawning.

Speaking of spawning…

Things get more interesting once spawning starts. At this time, the water temperature is between 10 and 18 degrees. With the warmer water and stronger sun, it is possible for you to catch some bass fish.

We recommend that you proceed to the entrance points of shallow coves. These are areas that will give you a better chance of a catch as the conditions get better. You can also use certain baits include jerk baits, chatter baits, spinnerbaits, and worms. If what you look for is live bait, you can also use them as you deem necessary.

But it is important to remain informed. There are some states that close down the fishing season when fish are spawning. This way, they can protect female fish carrying eggs. They are the ones in need of careful handling for better safety.

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Should You Fish in the Summer?

There are many anglers who wonder if summer is indeed a not-so-good time to fish.

With the temperatures hitting at 26 degrees and above, there is a scarcity of fish in the water.

If you check out ponds and lakes, it may even appear as though bass fish are completely gone. They may even frequent deeper water when the weather is hot, so they can stay cool. Some prefer to just spread out, which makes it tougher to find them in bigger groups. Many experts also say that summer can be a tricky time for pond fishing.

But it can be the opposite for others. The heat can actually result in a better catch, in some cases. You may consider using excellent topwater lures for this purpose. You should be able to find one as big as 15 inches or even more with this type of lure.

Shallow waters are warmer and dirtier in the summer. This helps a great deal if you are hoping to catch big bass. But watch out for weeds – they are not exactly an angler’s best friend. This is why it is best to fish in a kayak, small boat, or canoe to help you out.

In the case of a boat, towing should be a better option.

Now, as for autumn, prepare for one of the biggest catches you’ve ever made. There is an abundance of bass fish in the water, yet it is mild weather that is easy on your body.

At this time of the year, the temperatures should reach about 15 degrees Celsius. Fishing gets easier, which means it is great news for anglers.

When bass is starting to feed, it is your time to get ready. They want to get ready for the coming winter, which is why they approach shallower waters.

Bass fish are interested in baitfish, so it is the best thing to use. You should be able to get yourself a generous amount of bass in this season.

Here are pro tips you might want to know on catching bass fish in a pond:

What About the Best Time of the Day to Go Bass Fishing?

After learning more about the different seasons and their impact on bass fishing, let us move over to the time of day.

In the early morning, there should be quite a good catch in terms of bass fishing. Baitfish are highly active, specifically by sunrise or low light situations.

You might want to use a minnow or shiner bait when fishing in the morning. But if what you prefer are artificial lures, topwater plugs or poppers are pretty great. You have to realize the fact, though, that they are only greatly effective when trying to catch fish in the vegetation nearby.

Another good time to go bass fishing in the pond is in the late afternoon. Even better is when it is nighttime. The darker it is, the more abundant the fish. So be sure to choose the right time, right season, and right lures and baits to use. This way, you can get a great chance at catching bass fish in a pond of your choice.

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