Can You Catch Tuna In the Gulf of Mexico? Where to Find Tuna

When you become serious about your fishing game, then it’s time to step up and start targeting tuna! These are mighty predators that can really test your skill and equipment, which is why they’re a bucket list item for anglers. But the question is: Where can you catch them?

Many anglers have wondered, “can you catch tuna in the Gulf of Mexico?” Read on as I explain what it’s like catching tuna in the area.

Can You Catch Tuna In the Gulf of Mexico?

The short answer: YES! The Gulf of Mexico is an awesome place to target huge tuna fish. In fact, tuna is a common reason many anglers flock to the area, besides catching other fish like the snapper, tarpon, tilefish, tripletail, amberjack, among others.

You can catch specific tuna species in the Gulf of Mexico, such as:

Blackfin Tuna

This is a fast-traveling species that mingles with bonitos, coming around reefs and wrecks around shallow waters. When you find schools of bait around open waters or wrecks offshore, there’s a chance of finding blacken.

In the Gulf of Mexico, Blackfin tuna can weigh between 10-30 pounds, and they are one of the more popular and common catches when in the area.

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna are usually found in deeper waters from the Gulf of Mexico. You can find large yellowfins with blackfin tuna as well, with larger yellowfins eating smaller blackens!

However, yellowfin will require more effort to catch since they are in deeper waters. You’re better off trolling and using trolled baits during the day, which are effective in catching yellowfins.

Furthermore, they are found mostly at night, since night attracts fish to the surface, thanks to the lights from floaters and rigs. At night, it’s best to use the drift method for enticing them to head to shallow areas.

Expect to find yellowfin tuna that weigh between 40-80 pounds, even heavier if you’re lucky!

Giant Bluefin Tuna

Besides blackfins, yellowfins, or even albacore tuna, you can even find the giant bluefin tunas! They aren’t as common as the blackfin, though it’s still possible to catch the big one. You just need luck, good equipment, as well as skill and patience by your side.

Like the yellowfin, Bluefin tuna are found in the deeper waters of the Gulf of Mexico. For big tuna, you’ll need bigger baits and go trolling at around ten knots.

While it may be an effort, it will be worth it, as you can get bluefin tuna that weighs even more than 100 pounds!

Fishing for giant bluefin is similar to catching the yellowfin. You can use the trolling and drifting method, catching more of them at night.

Rules and Regulations

Before you head on fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, you have to be wary about any restrictions they set. They may also require you to obtain a fishing license, some acquainted with what you need to prepare before the trip.

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Wondering what else there is to know about catching tuna in the Gulf of Mexico? Check out this awesome video:

Wrapping It Up

When fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, you can expect to find some tuna. However, it takes practice and skill to successfully find and catch one. You will need to know when and where to fish in the area, as well as the right bait and techniques to perform for success!

Hopefully, this article answers your question, “can you catch tuna in the Gulf of Mexico?” Now that you know the answer, start preparing your fishing trip to the area and make sure your reel and line are strong enough for strong tuna!

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