When Do Crappie Spawn In Texas? The Important Season to Note

When you’re fishing for crappie, or most types of fish species actually, you’ll want to aim to fish during spawning season. This is when crappie is out and feeding the most, so you’re most likely to get a bite!

But when do crappie spawn in Texas, exactly? Spawning seasons of crappie depend on different things, from the state you’re in down to water temperatures. So read on to find out the spawning season to take advantage of the abundance of crappie!

When Do Crappie Spawn In Texas?

crappie spawn in texas

Why should you focus on crappie spawning season? Because that’s when crappie is most likely to head to shallow water and noting areas. They are also starting to feed more at these times, so the more, the merrier! In fact, crappie can overpopulate in areas with low bass populations!

During spawning season, crappie will spawn in up to six feet of water, usually behind protected coves, overhanding banks, shallow island areas, near flooded timber and brush, or submerged vegetation. Male crappie will be numerous, while female crappie may spawn more than once, with younger crappie feeding more on small crustaceans.

Spawning acts would take up to two hours to complete. Afterward, the female crappie would move to nearby deeper waters for feeding. Males will stay behind to protect their roe until they are ready to disperse from nesting areas. With that said, the entire crappie spawning season taking a month or two to finish.

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The spawning season depends on the state and its weather.

In Texas, spawning seasons would take place between mid-March to mid-May. It begins once the water temperatures reach about 60 degrees F, peaking between 60-72 degrees F.

You can also catch some crappie spawning during the end of February if the waters begin to warm earlier. However, February is more like the transition month for crappie and fishermen. You’re more likely to get better catches to come mid-March, as this is when crappie have moved out of the deeper waters and into shallower areas.

That’s why you should aim to schedule your fishing trip during the springtime, as water temperatures rise in preparation for summer.

However, take note that crappies will not spawn simultaneously, especially in areas with limited spawning areas. Groups of fish would move to spawn areas in waves, so you can find crappie in various stages and locations, particularly in larger creeks.

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Wrapping It Up

Crappie are fun to catch, as they are fighters and really test your fishing skills! And if you want to get the most out of your crappie fishing trip, you have to time it right, aiming for their spawning season. Next step, you just need to get your fishing gear and brush up on your techniques!

I hope that this article answered your question, “when do crappie spawn in Texas?” Now that you know the answer, know when to plan your next fishing trip!

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