What Size Hook to Use For Crappie? Get More Crappies!

No matter what you are fishing for, you will need accurate equipment. It isn’t just about having the sturdy rod, but the right sizes and types according to the water conditions and fish species you plan to get. In this article, I’ll be tackling the specific hook sizes made for crappie fishing.

So what size hook to use for crappie, exactly? Read on as I explain the hook sizes you need for these certain fish.

What Size Hook to Use For Crappie?

Fishing hooks are just as important as your fishing rod, line, and reel. These come in various types and sizes, and we all know how confusing it must be looking for the “perfect” one made for crappie.

With crappie, they have more fragile and sensitive mouths compared to other similar fish species, known to have a papermouth. That’s why you want to get a good hook that won’t damage their mouths and still have them reel your catch in. The gentler the hookset, the better.

However, they also have larger mouths relative to their size.

Typically, you’ll want something between a #2 or #4 size or moving up to #1 if you want to catch something bigger. Avoid getting smaller hooks such as the #7, which crappie can easily tear themselves from because of its tinier gaps. The most common fishing hook sizes are #2, #4, and #6.

Are you wondering about the other hook sizes appropriate for crappie? Check out this informative video:

Other Factors to Consider

But wait, there’s more to look into with fishing hooks other than its general size! So what more should you look for in hooks made for crappie fishing? I’ll break it down:

  • You want a hook that’s as sharp as possible, piercing the mouth of crappie and minnows easily
  • Invest in a long-shank hook to get the hook out of the crappie’s mouth. Light-wire hooks are a good option, as it won’t bend or free up if snagged, plus are more noticeable among crappie
  • There are also different hook colors to choose from, and for crappie, a gold, red, or bronze color works best.

Hooks also have different styles, some of which work better for crappie than others. Here are the different styles to focus on:

  • Aberdeen is the most common style for crappie and any species of panfish, as they have long and thin shanks with a good bend and gap. It’s easy to remove wriggling fish from these hooks and also does less damage to live bait
  • Circle hooks have a continuous bend, hooking crappie’s mouths easily with its unique shape of the eye and bend
  • Sickle hooks are stronger but still with the thinness, less likely to bend when stressed
  • Tru-turn hooks have a small offset in its shank, rotating towards contact. This will help with a better hook-up so you get more sure catches

Because of the many hook styles, you may want to get fishing hook sets that come in different types and bait holders. That way, you have the appropriate hook size and style made for various fish and crappie.

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Wrapping It Up

It’s crucial to invest in the right fishing equipment if you want to catch a bite. The same goes for simple accessories such as fishing hooks, which can make or break your efforts. As long as you have the right hook, you can place bait and easily catch crappie!

I hope that this article answers your question, “what size hook to use for crappie? Start looking into investing in the right hooks today.

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